Doctor Requests Support for Narconon

Doctor Requests Support for Narconon

Berlin, Germany

November 15, 1982

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have known of the Narconon Therapy Center in Berlin and of the Narconon Program for drug addicts and alcoholics for many years.

Since the middle of 1970, all our drug addiction patients have been handled by Narconon. Two of our patients have worked there for a long time as staff members after handling their addiction.

Regarding Narconon finances, I know that all their money is put back into the group, into renovating their house and getting the sauna. They have used a lot of initiative and done a lot of work themselves to get these things accomplished. Patients are provided with all the necessities for living by Narconon.

Recently, there have been three of my patients who were alcoholics that were handled well by Narconon. Other alcoholics who have not been able to pay the fee per day have returned to their own doctors.

It is my opinion that we should openly support this group financially so that other patients who cannot pay can be supported to do the program.

Helmut Totzeck, M.D.