Narconon Program In Use By 19 Prisons

Narconon Program In Use By 19 Prisons Narconon Program In Use By 19 Prisons pg 2

Narcotics Control Digest

Published by Washington Crime News Services
Vol. 2 No.18

Second September 1972 Issue

Page 1

NARCONON Program Explained

Communication Is The Key

In Use By 19 Prisons

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – TO A DRUG ADDICT, BASIC COMMUNICATION IS WITH AN arm and a needle. In 19 prisons across the country, however, these persons and other inmates are learning to communicate with themselves and others instead.

They participate in programs sponsored by Narconon, a nonprofit organization which uses a technology of prevention and rehabilitation to reduce drug abuse and crime.

In Salt Lake City to talk with prison correction and rehabilitation officials about the program, Arthur J. Maren, Los Angeles, supervisor of Narconon, said, “I believe a lack of ability to communicate is an underlying cause of drug usage, crime, etc. Narconon helps the individual to handle life, to increase his or her ability to confront and experience it. The purpose of the program is to increase the inmate’s ability to communicate.

The program, which started in 1966 in the Arizona State Prison, emphasizes confrontation of reality, communication with one’s self and others and awareness of surroundings. Maren noted that about 70 per center of the inmates who attend the program (all done voluntarily) remain with it.

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