Letter of Recognition from Dr. in Berlin-Zehlendorf

Letter of Recognition from Dr. in Berlin-Zehlendorf

(Translation from German)

15 August 1984

Subject: Narconon e.V.

We are familiar with Narconon e.V. for about the past 2 12 years. As a result of drug addicts among our employees, we were at that time in connection with Narconon and got to know the organization.

Over time, we found that the facility achieves with their treatment method very good results. Because of these successes, we have financially supported Narconon and former drug addicts engaged in our mechanical workshop. We can confirm that the former drug addicts have worked very motivated after treatment at Narconon.

We also looked during different visits to Narconon at Tegernsee at the good work and were able to be convinced for a good cause with the above-average commitment of employees.

For this reason we hold Narconon worthy of support, and we are also ready in the future to promote the work of Narconon. For further information please do not hesitate to contact.

Dr.Ing.Herbert Knauer Lt.