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Sometimes it is a temptation to do what our friend on the front cover is doing, ignore the unpleasant. Sometimes one gets tired of hearing about drug abuse, of the dangers of drugs and of drug connected crime. Sometimes the drug caused calamities seem exaggerated, sensationalized or far removed. Yet they do exist, they do cause harm.

It would be an exaggeration to infer that you will inevitably fall victim to a drug caused assault, a smashed head or knife in the back. It would be too broad a generalization to insist that your children or those you love will get ‘hooked’ and have their lives destroyed. It might be ‘crying wolf’ to exclaim that to feed a drug habit your property will be burglarized and your most cherished possessions stolen. Yet these calamities will occur to some of us, and the longer effective measures are neglected or go unsupported, the more likelihood there is that some or all of these catastrophies will happen to you.

Imagine a society in which the majority of the people are ‘hooked’. Where a glassy, drug induced stare is the usual response to your greeting. Where youth seldom grow to healthy free adulthood. Where one could never be on the streets at night or travel without a guard or a weapon. Where a policeman was needed in every house. Such a state will become a reality if continual neglect of effective measures allows conditions to worsen.

The drug scene will not be changed by substituting one drug for another, such as methadone for heroin, by treating the addicts as semi-permanent invalids, to be kept sheltered and supported, or by confining them behind bars. If, however, this Society and those in it are to survive, change is vitally needed.

Narconon is providing the needed change. It enables the individual to eliminate the underlying causes of his drug use tendencies. Using exercises

Townspeople Come To Prison For Narconon Courses

Safford Conservation Center, Safford, Arizona.

Due to the excellent work of Narconon Graduate, Mike Reeves, and Narconon Chairman at Safford, Patrick Caid, people in the town of Safford have become very interested in what Narconon is doing at the Safford Conservation Center, a minimum security penal institution.

When Mike graduated from Safford he disseminated to people in the town about Narconon and got some of them to read books by L. Ron Hubbard. This then resulted in one young lady coming out to the camp to start on the courses, which are run by Rick Bartky. An Open House was held there on April 9th and the Chairman, Patrick Caid invited a number of leading citizens. From this a lecture has been scheduled for Peter Gillham, the State Administrator of Narconon Arizona and a radio station has requested an interview.

The Narconon group in Safford intends to expand their activities to either having a group operating in town or continuing to have townspeople come out to the Camp for the courses. A “very well done” to all those who’ve made things go right in Safford.

Narconon Success

One of my biggest successes is becoming capable of taking on responsibility. I always used to look for ways to get out of things. Now I look for ways to get into them.

Charles T. Yates

Youth Training School


I am off drugs after six years.

Michael Laufer

Arizona State Prison


This past week I validated the effectiveness of the technology employed in Narconon by resolving a 15 year long alienation with one of my children, by totally confronting her, as she is, and as I am, and communicating with total candor about the past, and the present.

It has given me a very great happiness, and you in Narconon who have helped me have this, have a dedicated adherent to the principles of Narconon.

Jarrell H. Bond

California Mens Colony

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