Narconon Opens New Life Center July 1, 1972 Los Angeles California

Narconon Opens New Life Center


Wilshire Press–Westlake Post–City Press–City News - THURSDAY, AUGUST 3, 1972

Narconon Opens New Life Center

Narconon New Life Center for drug abuse and crime prevention and rehabilitation was opened July 1 at 827 Beacon Ave.

Narconon first was established in Arizona State Prison in 1966 for the rehabilitation of drug addicts. The founder is William Benitez, a former drug user. Narconon now is operating in 16 areas. It is a non-profit organization incorporated in California and financed through membership subscriptions and donations.

Programs are run by the inmates themselves with weekly supervision from outside. The best qualified inmate serves as chairman and is assisted by a person responsible for communications and organization, quality and delivery of the program, a librarian, historian and supervisors for each course.

Outside the prison a chairman is appointed by the director of Narconon to insure that books and course materials are made available and procedures are conducted properly. Employed is a series of studies followed by practical exercises arranged in an exact curriculum.

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CUT RIBBON–Sandy Leonard, wife of Paul Leonard, deputy director of Southern California Narconon, looks on as Supervisor Warren Dorn officially opens Narconon New Life Center at 827 Beacon Ave. First established in Arizona State Prison for drug abuse, crime prevention, and rehabilitation, the non-profit organization now is operating in 16 areas.