Former Local Addict Credits Narconon With His Rehabilitation

Former Addict Credits Narconon

Narconon is a drug free program. It operates locally from offices at 120 London st., East Boston, where the program offers its services to those in the Greater Boston area.

One local client says this of his life before Narconon: “I’ve sold LSD, Speed, Has, and Heroin in Cambridge and surrounding communities. Up North, I helped to produce about two tons of illegally grown marijuana. I was addicted to heroin, opium, and Percodan. I tried two different Methadone programs and five times in succession (one for almost two years) in an effort to get clean. Methadone is as much a dead end as there are the street drugs. Make no mistake about it. In fact, I found out about this drug free program called Narconon when I was near death from a drug overdose and in the Newton hospital. To support my drug habit, I produced and distributed drugs…LSD, Speed, I even counterfeited money to buy heroin with. I supplied pushers in this area and in other states. Now, for the first time in twelve years, I’m stably off drugs and off crime.

It all started when I was a kid drinking and smoking grass. I used to break into houses in the Needham, Newton, Allston, and Brighton areas, and steal alcohol and money for drugs. Well, it didn’t stop there, and twelve years later, it nearly cost me my life. Never mind all the agony this was to my family.

“It was my father that first heard about Narconon. I honestly didn’t believe any program could take someone off drugs without using drugs or without the cold turkey pain I expected. Well, Narconon does just that…It takes addicts off drugs without using drugs and without the pain you expect. More important, to me, is that the people here at Narconon understand. Maybe that’s because most of them used to be addicts too. I’m very thankful for them and also to the gentleman that researched and developed this drug freeing technology which Narconon uses, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard. Since I’ve been at Narconon, my whole outlook on life has improved. I didn’t expect that would happen, but I’m very glad that it did. Narconon exposes you to data which can be used every day in life. Other programs I’ve been in tried, but gave you facts you couldn’t understand and you sure couldn’t use them. But I think they tried and most of them were sincere. It’s too bad they don’t use the Narconon approach.

“It’s hard enough to understand why taxpayers and society continues to let their money be used to actually keep addicts hooked on drugs, like in Methadone programs. Maybe that will change someday.

‘I prefer to call Narconon the “Criminal Addict Rehabilitation Program.”

Narconon’s director in East Boston, Miss Bernstein, states, and “We have been helping to reduce the program of drug abuse and related crime for a little more than two years in the Greater Boston area, and since 1966 across the United States. We know what we are doing, and we get the job done. I measure the effectiveness of my staff and the worth of Narconon to the communities by one product: A stably rehabilitated addict who does not want drugs any longer and who has become a productive and contributing member of Society.”

Narconon’s out reach work, Ms. Susan Bittar, herself an ex-addict, states: “I am beginning to spend more and more time helping addicts who have come into contact with the criminal justice system. Usually these addicts sincerely want to get straight and clean in life. Narconon can help them. Occasionally, I come across an addict in the courts who is forced into some drug program as a condition of their parole, but who really don’t want to get off drugs. These people don’t really want help, so can’t be helped. But fortunately this is not the case. Anyone who wants to get straight and clean, become more themselves and lead happier lives can be helped at Narconon. We are here to serve others, and to that degree we are valuable. We produce the result, and very soon I expect we may become city and state funded, or both. This will allow us to help even more addicts who want help.”

Narconon operates at 120 London st., East Boston. The group accepts private referrals and confidential counseling is available to local families.