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Number 4, June 1972 - Narconon News is a Publication of the Narconon U.S. Office 833 Beacon Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90017. Phone: (213) 487-1088

Narconon is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the reduction and prevention of Drug Abuse and Crime. All donations to Narconon are tax deductible.

Is Drug Abuse Of Real Concern To You?

Narconon is a drug abuse and crime prevention and rehabilitation organization which is eliminating drug abuse. It does this simply and effectively by assisting the individual in learning to handle life and to succeed without drugs. It enables the person to increase his ability to face up to and experience life, to communicate easily and fully, and for whatever worthwhile activity he starts, to carry it through to completion.

A person who has been through the Narconon program no longer has his attention dispersed or wandering out of his control. He is aware of his present time environment and confident of his abilities to make what he intends happen. He succeeds in what he sets out to do.

Narconon is supported by tax exempt donations from private individuals. Those involved in the program do not believe that “just leaving it to the Government” is the way to deal with this threat, which is undermining society and government alike. They believe individuals taking responsibility and effective action as individuals and as a group is the best way to handle this grave menace.

Narconon is now operating in sixteen areas. In each of these, drug abuse and crime are being reduced. However, these are only a fraction of the areas that need to be covered, and in them, for lack of facilities, only a relatively small percentage of the people tending toward drugs or crime are as yet in the programs.

If drug abuse is a real concern to you and you personally want to see it eliminated, we invite you to lend your support.

First Public Program In U.S. Opens In L.A.

The first Narconon New Life Center in the United States dealing exclusively with public individuals with drug problems opened July 1st at 827 Beacon Avenue in Los Angeles, California. This is the first public program in the United States and the second in the world. The first Narconon public program, established in Toronto, Canada, is continuing to produce outstanding results. An open house to celebrate the opening was held at the above address on July 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

With the help of people who have donated, this ten room house was rented and the fixing up and painting of it has been going on while the first students were started on course. Eight students are currently on course and more will be starting shortly.

Paul Leonard is the Deputy Director of the Southern California Area Office Ben Gibson, who has had much training and experience in running Narconon type courses, is in charge of the exact, standard application of the technology and procedures that Narconon uses in the New Life program. Hank Deneke is in charge of Public Relations for the office, and has been working to obtain employment for graduates of Narconon Institutional programs.

Carpeting for the new house has been donated and Bill Benitez, the Founder of Narconon, has volunteered his time to ensure a professional job of carpet laying is done.

Donations of desks, folding chairs, a refrigerator, a freezer and furniture of all kinds are needed to help get this new office functioning at its full capability. For more information on the L. A. Narconon New Life program call - (213) 487-0986.

Narconon Institutional Programs News


The Youth Training School recently completed a research survey on the Narconon program. Two groups in the school were compared over a tem month period, one a control group and the other a Narconon group. Both groups were in vocational training for the full period. In addition, during the last five months the Narconon groups attended Narconon courses for two hours an evening, initially one evening and later two evenings each week. In the second five months the disciplinary offenses of the control group rose by 109% while those of the Narconon group decreased by 81%. The vocational trade grades of the control groups rose from C to C+, while those of the Narconon groups rose from C- to B-.


Mr. Jerry Bond, who started the Narconon program in the California Mens Colony, and served as inmate Director for six months, was released on June 15th. He did an outstanding job in the Colony and is now working with Irish Conway in Santa Ana.

Frank MacCorick is now serving as inmate Director. In addition to training 16 inmate supervisors, he has expanded the program to seventy five students. He has displayed exceptional initiative and responsibility.


The popular rock group “Root Beer” gave an outstanding performance to approximately 250 inmates at the California Institution for Women on Saturday, June 4th. This 3 piece band made up of Dennis Ehrlich, Frank Reimer and Fred Randall really got the residents in communication and up tone and made Narconon well thought of throughout the institution.

Groundwork for Starting Narconon Office In Florida Progressing Well

Pauline Shattuck and William Banka are working to establish a Narconon Office in Orlando, Florida. They have contacted personally just about everyone now active in the field of drug abuse rehabilitation and prevention in the area, and presented the Narconon program to them. The program has received a favorable response wherever presented. Those contacted will be helping Pauline and Bill in getting the center started or in referring people to Narconon.

Here are some of the wins they’ve had in doing this:

Congressman, Lou Frey, U.S. Representative and Chairman of the President’s Drug Abuse Task Force has pledged his support and given Narconon his personal recommendation.

Mr. George Saunders, the Patronage Chairman for the Governor, has presented the Narconon program to the Governor of Florida.

Dr. Charles Unkovic, Chairman of Sociology at the Florida Technological University, invited Pauline and Bill to attend a National Conference for the Prevention of Drug Dependency and Alcoholism. He arranged it so they were given a chance to extemporaneously present the Narconon program to the group. It ended with the group applauding the program. Pauline was also privileged to give a radio interview about Narconon at the conference.

Three New Institutional Programs Start


This program, which is the first Narconon program to receive some monetary support from the Government, is being run by Mr. Barry Jaye, who was flown out to Delaware from Los Angeles to put the program in there. The program is producing excellent results. There are twenty five students on course being trained as supervisors. They will be starting to run Narconon courses themselves by about the 15th of July.


This program is the second to be put into a California Youth Authority Institution, the first being the Youth Training School in Ontario, California. The program is being run by Paul Leonard and Pat and Ginny Sanatar and has had the most successful start of any program to date. The first meeting there were 21 wards present and 20 of them enrolled on the program. At the second meeting all 20 who had enrolled plus 16 new people were present. After the third week the wards petitioned the Superintendent of the School for permission to expand the program to 2 nights a week and were granted permission. There are now 40 students on course.


Dick Marrone and Aaron Mrkva started the 14th Narconon institutional program in June at the California Rehabilitation Center Women’s Division at Patton. Both staff and residents are attending. Most of them are enthusiastic about the program and are achieving many wins.

Hotel Donated to Narconon in Connecticut

The newspaper, the New London Day, carried an excellent 5 column article on Narconon on June 13th in New London, Connecticut. As a result an 8 room hotel is being donated to Narconon there for a Public Drug Rehabilitation program.

Success Stories

“No man is happy without a goal, and no man can be happy without faith in his own ability to reach that goal.” - L. Ron Hubbard

In the nine weeks I’ve been in Narconon I’ve changed considerably!

I now have a job (and I’m happy with it) after 13 months of doing nothing. I have more enthusiasm than I’ve ever had and I finish more things I start. I’m no longer “out of reality” with the rest of the world and it feels great. I spoke in front of a group of men comfortably the other day for the first time in my life. The more I get into Narconon, the better it gets.

Larry Knight
California Mens Colony


I was a drug addict for four years. In this time I used every drug there is. For two years of this time I was a very heavy heroin addict. I almost died from this. But after an operation and 8 months in the hospital I was alright. I then went back to drugs. I was on them for six months. I was then put in the Boston Correctional Center, for being 6 months AWOL. At this time I started the Narconon program. Since joining Narconon my whole life has changed. I am now able to communicate much easier with anybody. I have learned to control myself and my environment much better. I now have responsibility (which I couldn’t face up to before). Soon I will be supervising the program here. Now I am a man with a goal. I am happier than I ever have been in my life. I don’t need drugs any more, because I am now higher than I have ever been on drugs. I thank you L. Ron Hubbard and everyone helping people with Narconon.

Donald Kelley
Boston Naval Brig

Narconon would like to express its gratitude to L. Ron Hubbard, the Founder of Scientology, for allowing Narconon to use his technology and data in the Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention and Rehabilitation program.

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