Our New Narconon Reviews Site Launch

narconon reviewsWord of mouth has always been the most reliable way to find new products and services. Naturally, if you are looking for a company to supply a certain personal need, you will tend to ask around and try to find out from your friends and associates what they think of the local businesses. You want to know what their experiences were with the businesses, including both the positive and the negative. No matter what glowing statements the business may have to make about itself in its own marketing, what you really want to see is what others who have been customers or clients in the past have to say. Finding a drug rehab treatment center through word of mouth, unfortunately, is not as easy. After all, how many people do you know who have been through rehab? Your choice of a rehab center for yourself or a loved one could have an enormous impact on the future, given that it could make the difference between a full and stable recovery or a relapse and all of the negative consequences of ongoing addiction. Fortunately, there is a new website which features a wealth of reviews from other people who have personally been through the Narconon drug rehab program. It serves as an invaluable resource for anyone who needs to go to rehab and wants to find out the truth about Narconon.

Get Answers to Your Questions About Narconon

Is Narconon really the best? What does the Narconon program involve? Does the Narconon sauna program really work? These are only a few of the many questions that are answered on the new site, www.narcononreviews.com. The site draws upon a wide variety of reviews from past clients of the Narconon program, which has served innumerable people in the 50 rehab centers located in 40 nations around the world. The site is continually being updated with new reviews, as more and more graduated Narconon students and their family members connect up to share their stories and explain in their own words how the Narconon program works and what changes they experienced in their own lives. The question, “Does Narconon work?” can easily be answered by reading only a few of the many testimonials from people whose lives have been salvaged through this innovative drug rehab treatment program. The site additionally features extensive information about most of the various types of drugs that drive people into rehab, from marijuana and cocaine to heroin, prescription painkillers and more. There are resources for topics including the symptoms of withdrawal and how long it takes to get through withdrawals, as well as basic educational information about drugs and an overview of how the Narconon program works.

Does Narconon Really Work

More than 35,000 people have graduated from the Narconon program since 1995, and in the words of Narconon International president Clark Carr, the program’s “results speak for themselves.” Narconon reviews include not only testimonials provided by successful and happy clients, but also extensive outside research into the validity of Narconon’s claims and reviews to determine how effective the program is. For example, the Foundation for Advancements of Science and Education (FASE) has been retained to compile and summarize the Routine Outcome Monitoring reports used by the flagship Narconon Arrow center, located in Oklahoma. These reports involve a six-month follow-up survey to determine what percentage of program graduates are continuing to stay sober, how many are succeeding in life and how they are doing following completion of the Narconon program. The results of these surveys conclude that Narconon is among the most effective drug rehab programs in existence, with a success rate of around 70% or more. The new website features a wealth of information to expose the truth about Narconon, with reviews of the program, the Narconon sauna detox and the Narconon treatment center locations.

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