Letter of Thanks from Parliament of Victoria Legislative Assembly

Letter of Thanks from Parliament of Victoria Legislative Assembly

Parliament of Victoria
Legislative Assembly

Eddie Micallef M.P.
Member for Springvale

Mr. Clark Carr
President Narconon International

May 19, 1999

Dear Clark,

Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to discuss and educate Barbara and I about the Narconon program.

You answered our diverse, and sometimes blunt questions patiently and thoroughly.

I must admit, that initially, I was somewhat skeptical about a program that promises to deliver a 75-80% success rate in drug rehabilitation. In my long experience in public office I have often heard about such high statistics. Unfortunately, the reality has not always matched the promise. However, I am most satisfied by the successes that the Narconon program has achieved.

I was most impressed by Narconon, and especially so by the experiences I had in Ensenada as I am familiar with correctional services. The first thing that struck me was walking into a prison unescorted by guards. I cannot ever remember doing this in a prison.

Spending time with the inmates was a further demonstration of the success of the program as they appeared healthy, alert and were articulating their prospects for a positive future free of crime and drugs.

Once again I thank you for your hospitality, presentations and availability to demonstrate the Narconon program.

Yours sincerely

Eddie Micallef MLA

Member for Springvale