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In 1979, Narconon had a pioneering idea on how to prevent youth from taking drugs: use celebrities. For the first time, a team of drug-free celebrities wore the Narconon All-Star T-shirts and played softball for a drug-free society. A new approach to drug prevention was born: drug-free celebrity prevention and education campaigns. From then a direction was taken in the fight against drug abuse worldwide, and the Narconon All-Stars inspired many similar efforts using celebrities to depopularize drug use among youth.

All-Stars Celebrities Against Drugs

The great number of original celebrities like Charlene Tilton, Purnell Roberts, Melissa Gilbert, Ken Norton, Carlos Palomino and many more, soon began to increase when more and more celebrities started to join the cause. Today, the Narconon All-Stars, with over 250 drug-free celebrities from the fields of sports, films, TV, music, dance and others, is one of the biggest groups of celebrities joined for a common purpose.

Narconon All-Stars Narconon All-Stars Celebrity

The activities of the Narconon All Stars have also expanded from the beginning days. In 1985, Narconon put on two big celebrity softball games in Los Angeles, an amazing stunt show in Portland, Oregon and special events at schools. Carlos Palomino, Bruce Penhall and Adrian Zmed all spoke with students at local schools.

Narconon All-Stars Narconon All-Stars Celebrity Celebrities Against Drugs

Every day, more and more celebrities are recognizing their influence on youth and are getting involved to change the casual attitude toward drugs to that of a drug-free attitude. The Narconon All Stars are playing a vital role in the achievement of that attitude: a drug-free life!!!! We thank them for their valuable work.