Drug Rehab for Lafayette, Louisiana

Alcohol Addiction

Addiction can become a way of life, no matter the profession or social class of a person. Addiction leads to a life of misery, both for the person and his loved ones. It often ends in imprisonment. Our overcrowded prisons are filled with those who have arrived there due to their involvement with drugs and drug-related crime and violence. Often any crime committed was related to supporting the person’s habit either directly or indirectly. Drug and alcohol habits are expensive. The only real solution to such a problem is to have an effective drug rehab for Lafayette where an addict can achieve lasting sobriety. This solution lies with the Narconon drug rehabilitation center in Louisiana.

Lafayette is a center of culture, with numerous sports events, museums and cultural centers. However, the city is on a main thoroughfare for drug trafficking. Illicit drugs enter from Mexico, come into Texas and get transported to eastern states, including Louisiana. The high availability of drugs in the region makes it a necessity to find a drug treatment that will help proof an addict against relapse. This is the only way someone addicted will find true lasting recovery.

Narconon Louisiana residential drug rehabilitation center in Denham Springs is only a little over an hour away and provides a comfortable facility with a successful holistic program of rehabilitation. Both physical and mental aspects of addiction are addressed as well as the factors that could lead to relapse after finishing the program.

Drug Replacement Therapy Not a Successful Path to Lasting Recovery

Louisiana Drug Rehab

Using addictive drug substitutes in drug rehab treatment is not a successful way to leave all drugs behind. The substitute drugs such as Suboxone or methadone are addictive and their use just ends up replacing one addiction with another. At Narconon, no drug replacement therapy is used at any time during recovery treatment. Instead, a drugless withdrawal, thorough detoxification and a series of courses on how to live a drug-free life provide a 70% success rate in achieving a sober life.

Withdrawal is made more tolerable by employing generous nutritional support and one-on-one work with trained staff. The staff carefully monitor the person during withdrawal, providing around-the-clock care if necessary. These experienced staff also administer effective relaxation techniques that ease the discomforts and reorientation exercises that help orient the person to his new, drug-free environment.

Narconon Addresses the Necessary Factors to Achieve Lasting Recovery

A thorough detoxification comes soon after withdrawal. **Here, the drug residues lodged in the fatty tissues of the body are flushed out. **Because these residual drugs are known to be involved in triggering drug cravings, it is a very successful way to help reduce cravings and thereby lessen the chance of relapse. Through the use of an exact regimen of moderate exercise, nutritional supplements and time in a low heat sauna, The Narconon New Life Detoxification eliminates these poisonous drug residues. Many who finish this phase of the program comment that their drug cravings have completely vanished.

It is important to educate the recovering addict on how to repair parts of his life that got damaged in an addicted lifestyle. He has relationships that need mending. The Narconon Life Skills Courses accomplish all this and more. For instance, on the Personal Values and Integrity Course, the student learns how to restore his integrity and gain back trust and respect.

Saving Addicted Lives in Lafayette, One at a Time


Drug trafficking in and around Lafayette, Louisiana means that illicit drugs are available in quantity, creating and sustaining drug habits throughout the area. Not long ago a Lafayette man was sentenced in a large drug bust where his drug trafficking organization had its claws into the surrounding districts. This dealer was receiving hundreds of pounds of marijuana and up to forty kilograms of cocaine each month from sources in Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Crack cocaine was being distributed in quantity in the Lafayette area.

This criminal had a number of co-conspirators in his trafficking of illegal drugs. They were from Lafayette and as far away as Texas. When searches were done of their residences, cocaine, marijuana and over $140,000 were seized, as well as firearms.

In another incident in the city, two dealers were arrested who were distributing cocaine in the area, with more than three kilograms of cocaine confiscated in the bust. The stories just go on and on. An effective drug rehab for Lafayette is desperately needed so an addict can find lasting recovery and avoid the horrors of drug abuse.

Narconon has a 70% success rate in achieving lasting recovery, and an addict can have the real chance to turn his life around. He can avoid the very real possibility of prison and even death from overdose. Narconon is the top choice in alternative drug rehab programs with fifty centers around the world giving the chance at a rich and rewarding future without drugs. Call Narconon today.