Drug Rehab for Hilo, Hawaii

Drug Abuse Area

Since it is one of the major population centers of the Hawaiian Islands, Hilo is a target for those who wish to profit by distributing drugs to the area. According to State statistics, the majority of crimes committed in Hilo are related to drugs: possession, intent to distribute, use of a firearm during a drug offense and similar charges. From the Hilo region, all of those arrested were located in South Hilo.

Like other cities in Hawaii, Hilo struggles with methamphetamine as a primary threat to peace and safety. The drug comes from Mexico and California, although the original route to the islands was from Asia. In Hilo, it’s usually smaller amounts that are seized, but it takes very little crystal meth to cause someone to become addicted.

Rehabilitation from Crystal Meth Addiction

While addiction to crystal meth is one of the most severe and destructive, it does not take a special drug rehab program to recover. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehab program has very good results with recovering crystal meth addicts from their addiction as well as addictions to other drugs. This long-term program enables people to undo the damage done by the drug both physically and mentally. Each person has a chance to come to terms with the harm they did to themselves and others and shape a new sober, moral life for the future.

It doesn’t happen in thirty days. Most people complete the Narconon program in three to five months. Some people take longer. But rather than charging by the month, Narconon drug rehab facilities around the world charge only for the whole program, no matter how long it takes. So no one is discharged before they have completed this innovative curriculum that has been successful in creating sobriety for so many. Seven out of ten graduates stay sober after they return home, one of the best success rates in this field.

Preventing Future Addiction

From Kapolei, Narconon drug educators fan out across the islands to bring drug prevention services to schools and youth clubs. It has been proven by follow-up survey that this curriculum decreases the rate of substance abuse among the students who received it. By continuing to educate youth about the damage associated with drug abuse, future cases of addiction are reduced.

Eliminating Drug Abuse in Hilo

The vast majority of residents in the Hilo area do not want drug dealing and trafficking in their city. Recently, a number of citizens and local authorities combined their efforts to force out a houseful of drug dealers on West Kawailani Street. These residents were not even paying rent, but had a steady stream of customers arriving day and night. In this case, the drugs being distributed were crystal meth and marijuana. In some other cases, it’s meth and crack cocaine.

Recent reports note an increase in the abuse of prescription drugs, particularly benzodiazepines, and “bath salts,” the dangerous synthetic drug that is said to have an effect like cocaine but that leads to hallucinations, violence and death in many cases.

If you care for someone in Hilo or any city, who is abusing drugs and can’t get control of his (or her) addiction, contact Narconon to find out how this effective drug rehab program can bring him back the way he was before. It is possible to recover from addiction - it is not necessary to believe that one will always be an addict.

Put addiction in the past where it belongs. **Contact Narconon to get the details on this effective drug rehab program and **get someone you loved started on the way to sobriety today.