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What is Polydrug Abuse?

Polydrug abuse is the experiencing of the effects of more than one intoxicating substance at a time. There are different categories of polydrug abuse:

  • The simultaneous use of multiple drugs
  • The use of one drug after another, while the first one is still active in the body
  • The use of multiple drugs in a short span of time, such as a week.
Poly Drug Abuse

Thirty years ago, it was very common for people to abuse just one drug in any time period, but that has changed and continues to develop as a pervasive trend around the world. Now, the majority of people who need help in emergency rooms or who die from drug-related causes have multiple drugs in their systems. The public may notice that many celebrity deaths also involve multiple drugs.

Most young people lack an understanding of the dangers of drug abuse, much less the overwhelming risk involved with using multiple drugs at once. To make matters worse, they don't recognize the signs of deadly problems that may arise when their friends abuse multiple drugs and therefore do not take the appropriate actions to save their lives.

Addiction Can Prevent a Person from Preserving his Own Life

When a person becomes addicted to any substance, what normally follows is a deterioration of all the faculties that might help the person save himself. His morals deteriorate and finally vanish. The cravings for drugs or alcohol are so overwhelming that he is driven to obtain and use more drugs, no matter what it takes. His health declines, resulting in greater pain and discomfort that must be covered up by drugs or alcohol.

Very often, a heavily addicted person no longer cares if he (or she) lives or dies. By this time he usually feels that he is not worth putting the time and expense into saving. These factors prevent many addicted people from trying to control their drug intake or asking for help. At this point, it hardly matters what they take. Polydrug abuse can then spiral out of control.

To help save lives, particularly the lives of young people who are inexperienced in abusing drugs, Narconon offers this information on the polydrug abuse phenomenon.

Download guide about polydrug use:

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