Effectiveness of the Narconon
Drug Prevention Program

Narconon has been delivering drug education since its inception nearly five decades ago. Through the years, we consistently monitor our program as to student responses and results, enabling us to refine and further develop our presentations and materials.

After each presentation students are given a survey questionnaire to assist us in evaluating the effectiveness of the program. These surveys provide vital information that is used to enhance, update and increase the effectiveness of our presentations.

While there are numerous surveys that have been used, one key question that measures the success in reaching students is, "Did your thoughts about using drugs change after hearing the presentation?" On average we have received an overall 95% positive response to the program. 40% report an increased perception of risk. 45% said their decision not to use drugs had been reinforced after hearing the talk. Over 90% felt they knew more about drugs after the talk.

A recent outcome study of the Narconon drug education program further showed effectiveness in increasing perception of risk and reducing drug use amongst high school students.


What Kids Say....

The Narconon program changes kids' minds about using drugs. The simplest demonstration of the success of the Narconon program is to hear it from the students themselves. The following are just a few responses to the question "did your thoughts changed after hearing the Narconon talk?":

"Yes, they did cause I thought about trying pot out of curiosity but, now I'm afraid cause of how it will harm you. There's no point."

"I thought it was good that he told us the story about LSD because I thought it was a safe drug. I also learned how harmful weed was I thought that was harmless".

"My thoughts about drugs had changed. I used to think drugs were cool. I thought since everybody does it I should do it too. Now I realize that drugs are bad."

What Educators Say...

"I, personally, was very moved by the presentation. I also learned new information along with our students. I believe, after hearing the presentation myself, that this program can truly save lives as well as help people make decisions that will lead them towards productive lives." - School Principal

"Often children are misinformed about the painful effects of alcohol and drug use or abuse. The Narconon presenter was able to clear up the myths and misunderstandings about substance use and abuse. In addition to his charismatic teaching approach, his willingness to share his own struggle with substance abuse encouraged our students to actively listen and learn from his presentation." - School Counselor