Dealing with Cocaine, its Damaging Effects and Addiction


Cocaine may not be in the news as often as some drugs but it is still a deadly drug. Due to its strong stimulant effects, cocaine can trigger a heart attack or stroke, or can bring about self-destructive behavior due to depression or paranoia.

Keeping one’s children free from drug is an intense challenge for parents. About one in fourteen high school students uses cocaine before they graduate. Among all Americans aged 12 and older, there are 1.4 million cocaine users. Cocaine is a very strong stimulant and for some people, is very quickly addictive, especially when smoked.

But parents and family can fight back against cocaine abuse. It takes knowing what signs of drug use or addiction to look for and knowing what to do if you find those signs.

It also takes knowing how to educate your children on the potential for damage and addiction to this dangerous drug. But you can do it. We can help you. More than anyone else, parents hold the key to preventing drug abuse by their children. Children listen to what their parents say, even if they don’t appear to. Take action now to prevent abuse of or eventual addiction to cocaine.

If someone you care about is using any form of this drug, there is no time to waste. Learn about this destructive drug and its effects and how you can help. Just use the links below.

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of Cocaine Use

Be able to detect cocaine use as early as possible so you can help loved ones recover their sobriety.


Signs and Symptoms of Crack Cocaine Use

Learn how to identify the distinctive signs of crack cocaine use before this destructive drug can take away everything a person values.


Health Risks of Cocaine

Find out what different parts of the body are damaged by use of this intensely strong drug and how it can kill a user without warning.

Snorting Cocaine

Fight Back Against Cocaine Abuse

Get a comprehensive package of information on cocaine, all in one place. You can understand much better how to prevent the chaos that can result from the use of this drug.

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