What you can do about the Abuse of Club Drugs

What are club drugs? These are the substances that tend to be used by teens and young adults at nightclubs, dance clubs, music festivals and parties. Some of them are thought to enhance the experience of dancing and listening to music but nearly all are addictive and some of them kill.

On Club Drugs

When teens get to be the age when they start going out on their own, many will gravitate to music events with their friends. If anyone in the group likes to use drugs at these venues, there will probably be drugs distributed through the group. It is vitally important that your child be fully educated on the consequences of this type of drug abuse before he (or she) starts going to these events.

Another hazard to be understood about clubs and parties is that some of these drugs may be given to a person without their knowledge. Leave your drink on your table while you dance and it may be drugged when you come back. The drugs normally used in this situation are ones that leave individuals helpless to defend themselves against rape or robbery.

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