How To Treat Addiction As It Is Driven By Brain Cells That Control Hunger

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the wave of the future might be to treat drug addicted people with an array of drugs as some think at drug addiction driven by brain cells that control hunger. As featured on NIDA’s website, there are tests being carried out on two new combinations of drugs intended to treat marijuana addiction and cocaine addiction.

Some people question whether or not it’s possible to become physically addicted to marijuana. It is, and the withdrawal symptoms include irritability, sleeplessness, increased appetite and drug cravings. In addition to these symptoms, a person who is addicted to marijuana has grown accustomed to using this drug as a way of dealing with stress, boredom, shyness or other personal problem. In short, he or she is psychologically dependent on the drug.

The proposed medical treatment is to combine lofexidine, a drug to reduce high blood pressure, and dronabinol. Dronabinol is also known as Marinol. It supplies tetrahydrocannabinol – THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. Thus the treatment plan is to give an marijuana addict more marijuana.

This is a similar strategy to methadone or buprenorphine treatment for heroin or opiate addicts. Some people do experience a better quality of life because they are not living criminal lifestyles and injecting contaminated drugs. But neither do they learn what itÕs like to wake up in the morning without any drugs in their bodies. Nor do they learn how to decide to stay sober when faced with temptation.

More Tests for Cocaine Addiction As More Drug Are Actually Considered Solution To Addiction

The more the medical industry can come up with pharmaceutical treatments for addiction, the more customers they will have. In other tests, doctors are using buprenorphine and naltrexone to see if they can treat cocaine addiction. Buprenorphine is an opiate drug, usually used to treat heroin or prescription opiate addiction. Naltrexone is another drug, intended to block the euphoric effect of the buprenorphine.

But every person being treated this way will still be unable to experience life free from drugs; which is also the think that will help them the most to get permanently sober.

Find Out How to Achieve True Recovery With Narconon Drug Rehabilitation

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, what families want most of all is for their loved one to be able to live a productive, enjoyable and drug-free life. When a person who would like to recover from addiction is chained to drugs like dronabinol, lofexidine, buprenorphine or naltrexone, they are not able to enjoy that drug-free life.

No matter if drug addiction driven by brain cells that control hunger or something else, if there were no way to bring about sobriety, these drugs might be an acceptable choice. But forty-five years of bringing addicts back to full sobriety is convincing evidence that recovery is possible without the use of drugs.

At Narconon drug rehabilitation centers around the world, people are recovering from addictions to all types of drugs. From the strongest, most addictive ones to milder drugs that are yet addictive all types of people find lasting sobriety through this long-term program.

While no drugs are ever used as part of treatment at a Narconon center, nutritional supplements are valuable. They help lift mood and support a person’s energy when they first arrive, then more nutritional supplements are used during the sauna detoxification portion of the program.

Seven out of ten graduates of this program stay sober for at least two years after they go home. When nutritional supplements, sauna, exercise, counseling and life skills training do the job, why give drugs?

There are Narconon centers on six continents around the world. The website tells the story of how addiction recovery can be achieved. Visit Narconon drug rehabilitation today to learn how this program can bring your family back together again, free from addiction.