Overcoming Crystal Meth

My drug of choice was crystal meth. Every little impulse that I had I acted on it, so the process of thought had completely gone out the window.

No thought whether it was right or it was wrong, simply just—do. And I had no control over it. Meth made me feel dead.

It was the worst thing that could’ve ever happened to me my life.

I mean, it cost me my family, cost me my friends. It cost me myself. Once I lost myself, I lost everything.

Thankfully, my sister found Narconon.

During the sauna, I slept better, my skin got better, I started to gain weight again.

I was reborn.

It rejuvenated me in every sense of the word — physically, mentally, I was able to think better and actually process thought, rather than just acting on instinct.

I go to sleep just to wake up the next morning to see what else I’m going to achieve the next day.

I had my family back, I had myself back, I had my drive to live again, I had my drive to succeed. And not only that, I also had my compassion for humanity back.

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