Narconon Aids Those In Need of Help

Narconon Aids Those in Need of Help

Narconon Aids Those In Need of Help

While the controversy over methadone maintenance continues to attract even more attention and criticism, one East Boston based addict rehabilitation program flourishes.

How? Miss Barbara Bernstein, Director of Narconon, located at 120 London Street, East Boston, explains that “Narconon means lack of stupor, specifically, a drug stupor. It really doesn’t make any sense to addict someone to a new drug who is already addicted to others and then call that rehabilitation.”

Miss Bernstein says the reason for Narconon’s continual expansion and high success rate are directly attributed to the fact that Narconon does not use any drugs or introvert the addict. “We substitute vitamins, minerals and special communications drills designed to build up the person’s body and get his attention out into his environment and more into communication with reality.”

One ex-addict who recently completed the Narconon program is Miss Susan Bittar. Formerly of Cambridge, Miss Bittar is a professionally trained psychiatric nurse who holds a Masters Degree. “I was a victim of legalized drug pushing which society condones today” states Susan.

“For more than eight years my whole life was evaluated by psychiatrists who continually gave me more and new drugs because they did not really know what to do … the blind leading the blind.”

Upon completing the Narconon program. Susan stated. I decided to stay on and become a staff member, it works, and I really want to help people. Narconon is the only valid way you can help people on drugs. I’ve been through it. I know what it’s like. “

Susan’s mother agrees when she wrote, “There is no way I can express my deepest gratitude to Narconon and the staff. It is so beautiful to have your daughter back and on the best of terms and to have her tell you she loves you and for once we can all believe her.”

Narconon’s technology was developed by education specialist, L. Ron Hubbard, and resulted from communications between him and an inmate-addict who in 1966 read one of Mr. Hubbard’s books while serving in the Arizona State Prison. Today, Narconon has programs throughout the world working to reduce drug addiction and related crime. In the United States, Narconon’s Headquarters are located in California.

Miss Correen Montier, South End resident, was another drug addict of more than twenty-five years. She recently completed the Narconon program and says, “I have been on and off drugs for twenty-five years. This is the first time I have ever been completely off of drugs.” Miss Montier attends church at Saint Steven’s in the South End every week. Father William Dwyer, Vicar at St. Steven’s says, “Correen has really gotten off drugs at Narconon who took her on very short notice. She also seems to be very happy.”

Doctor John Douglas, in charge of Transit Ministry at St. Stevens comments. “Correen came to my attention as a patient who had a twenty-five year history of addiction to heroin.

“With her consent, we admitted her to Narconon and found she did remarkably well. Where everybody else had failed, Narconon succeeded. Narconon is the facility of my choice in the referral of drug addicts, and one reason for this is that I don’t believe in a chemical substitute for drugs.”

Steve Driscoll of Dorchester, also recently completed the Narconon program after being addicted to drugs, including heroin for seven years. He states, “I feel confident that I will not go back to drugs again.” Steve also decided to join the Narconon staff to help other people addicted to drugs.

“It’s really unbelievable” Miss Bernstein says, “but one reporter I met told me he knew of an addict who has been addicted to methadone in one clinic for seven years. That’s at a cost to taxpayers of about $1700 each year. That’s more than $11,000 and he is still a drug addict. Narconon stably rehabilitates addicts painlessly and without using any drugs for the cost of a few hundred dollars in a period of months.”

She continues, “It really feels good to see people get off drugs and then realize a warmer and closer relationship with their families and friends. It’s nice to help reduce drug related crime and just bring families closer together.”

Mrs. Susan Giggins, Narconon Out-Reach worker, explains, “We are interested in results. Addicts come to us and agencies refer them to us because they want a better life without drugs, and we have the technology to give each of them that change, and we do. Our purpose is to alleviate the drug abuse problem in society and that’s exactly what we are doing and shall continue doing.”

Narconon also operates in New London, Connecticut and plans to expand its program throughout New England. The group accepts private referrals and confidential counselling is available to local families.