Narconon Gets Closer to the Source of Drug Abuse Problem

Narconon gets Closer to Drug Problem

Assembly California Legislature

Carlos Bee
Speaker Pro Tempore
Assemblyman, Thirteenth District

July 5, 1973

Northern California Director

It should be obvious to everyone that drug abuse is a major problem of frightening proportions. What is not so obvious is how to solve this problem.

Everything I have seen and heard of NARCONON indicates that your unique approach to the problem may be a start in the right direction. In working on the individual’s self-concept and on his ability to deal with life and the people he comes in contact with, NARCONON gets closer to the roots of the problem.

Your programs with the California Youth Authority take on an added importance because it is imperative that we reclaim those youths before they find themselves with a long criminal record.

In helping individuals cope with life, your program can help eliminate any need for a dependence on drugs to escape.

I only hope that we can make inroads in the battle against drugs. Your program appears to be an encouraging start. If I may be of assistance, please feel free to contact my office.

Sincerely yours,


Carlos Bee
Speaker Pro Tempore
Assemblyman, Thirteenth District

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