Langbro Sweden Hospital Recommends Narconon

Langbro Sweden Hospital Recommends Narconon

Regarding: Narconon Rehabilitation Centre, Lissma, Huddinge, Sweden

On your request for a statement I would like to state the following.

I know of Narconon Rehabilitation Centre through two patients formerly treated at Langbro Hospital. One of the patients, before he was transferred to Narconon, has an extensive background of drug abuse. While at this hospital he told us many times that he had no intention of ever giving up drugs. All the time he was under treatment in the hospital, he made heavy demands for soporifics and tranquilizers. After he contacted Narconon he soon ceased his consumption of soporifics and tranquilizers and gave up drugs completely. He has adjusted himself to a life without drugs in a most satisfactory way, and when he has been in contact with me and other people in the hospital, he has shown a personal joy and harmony which is, no doubt, a result of his contact with Narconon.

The second patient has also been treated at this hospital from time to time, and he, too, has an extensive background of criminality and drug abuse. While in the hospital he tried hard to change his conditions of living, but up till now has failed. After contacting Narconon his conditions have changed completely, and he has given up drugs totally and shows a most positive personal development. In my view this development, too, has come about through the positive contacts with Narconon.

Because of the very positive results achieved in these two patients after contacting Narconon I have come to very highly respect the work done and the very positive contributions made by the staff of the rehabilitation centre.

Langbro Hospital, Alvsjo, 10-12-1973

Curt Amark
Chief Physician, Clinic 4.