International Detoxification Conference

International Conference on Human Detoxification

Caption: Clark Carr, President of Narconon International, speaking at the Detoxification Conference in 1997.

On September 11-13, 1997, the 2nd International Conference on Human Detoxification was held in Stockholm, Sweden. The conference resulted in more scientific and government understanding of L Ron Hubbard’s body detoxification methodology as well as the Narconon drug rehab program. One of the event’s objectives was to demonstrate Narconon’s status as a leader in the field of drug rehabilitation since 1966.

Over 100 opinion leaders in the fields of environmental and toxicology science, research, medicine, drug rehab, justice, police and government affairs, drug education, etc. came from 15 countries. Included were 16 distinguished research scientists from Russia, Kazakhstan, and the Ukraine, and representatives from governments including doctors from Israel, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Italy, etc. There were 15 hours of presentations given by Russian Academy of Science researchers on Mr. Hubbard’s detox protocol (especially in regard to attempts to detoxify radioactive toxins), and also by Swedish doctors from the Karolinska Institute (which selects Nobel Prize winners), the Swedish Police Academy, the Chief of Narcotics Investigation of Stockholm, and representatives from Switzerland, Holland, and Denmark.