Referred Heroin Addict’s Life Restored

Referred Heroin Addict

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church
Boston Mass

The Rev. William D. Dwyer Vicar

January 18, 1978

Dr. Leon Brill, Director
Division of Drug Rehabilitation
Mass Dept. Of Health
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Dr. Brill:

Both my colleague (John M:C. Douglas, Ph. D.) and I have been impressed by the skill and dedication of the staff members of Narconon. The person that we referred to the Narconon Program was a heroin addict with a thirty year habit. In spite of the heavy odds against success, given the client’s history, the patient work of the Narconon team has had real success. She has maintained her drug free state and has a restored sense of dignity and self worth. She is also learning to read.

Narconon has achieved success, where other programs might have failed or might not even have tried.



(The Rev.) William D. Dwyer