Narconon Program Expands in New London CT

Community Support Expansion

Franklin Street is expected to house ten to twelve people, who will stay in the house for approximately one to two months, depending on the individual. While there, Pat O’Neill explains, residents will be able to continue the Narconon program while holding jobs or going to school.

A waiting list for the halfway house has already been established. “We’re bursting at the seams right now,” O’Neill says. “We have so many people in here that it’s unreal, and although our new home will be larger, we foresee the need for another building in a year or so.”

Narconon’s new home is owned by Target Area Peoples Society, a non-profit organization that has property available for various social agencies. Formerly occupied by New Trend Group Home, which recently moved to Groton, it is being renovated by a group of CETA workers and various members of the Narconon staff with some financial assistance from the Housing Conservation Program of New London.

A great deal of support for the venture has already come from the community. Senior citizens in the New London area are presently making curtains for the house, and a local Retired Senior Volunteer Program group has agreed to help with a newsletter. Furniture has also been donated by local organizations and individuals, but more is needed. Dishes, silverware, pots and pans, linens and other furnishings will be gratefully accepted.

“Southeastern Connecticut residents are really supporting our efforts to open this halfway house,” Pat O’Neill says enthusiastically. “We’ve been trying to establish this sort of facility for a year and a half now, and things are finally falling into place.”

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