Doctor Endorses Narconon

Doctor Endorses Narconon

Dr. Juan I. Redondo
Baracaldo (Vizcaya)

15 March 1990

It is my pleasure to provide you with my professional opinion of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

For many years I have dedicated myself with the difficult task of rehabilitating substance abusers. I have studied a variety of systems of rehabilitation and I have concluded that we have in our possession a totally workable program through Narconon.

Narconon utilizes a total drug-free approach in ridding a person of chemical dependency.

In a study conducted in Spain by an independent sociological research foundation it was found that 78% of the individuals were still off drugs two years after they completed the program. In another study in Sweden, it was found that 80% of the Narconon graduates who completed the program were still drug-free five years after completing the program.

The Spanish study also showed that before entering the Narconon program 62.2% committed robberies and 73% sold drugs. After the Narconon program, robberies and drug dealing decreased to 0%. In other words, 100% had no criminal activity after the program.

The Spanish study was conducted by a sociologist group called Tecnicos Asociados de Investigacion y Marketing (T AIM). They have conducted other studies on drugs for the Ministry of Health, the Social Services Department of the Town Hall of Madrid, and the National Institute of Social Services of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

Narconon is effective in providing a workable alternative in rehabilitation through a uniquely structured program.

Its clients do not receive the routine individual or group therapy sessions that are common in the field today. Rather clients working with each other are put through a series of life skills courses which are gradiently worked out aimed at ridding him or her from the effects of toxic drug abuse, assisting the user to get adjusted to their environment, restoring confidence, and assisting the person to regain a sense of personal integrity and ethical values.

As a doctor of the medical profession I would highly recommend the Narconon program to you for those addicted to drugs. I have seen over and over drug addicts go to the Narconon program and leave drug free.



Dr. Juan I. Redondo