Newkirk, OK Mayor Supports Narconon Program

Newkirk, OK Mayor Supports Narconon Program

The City of Newkirk, Oklahoma

December 14, 1988

Oklahoma Health Planning Commission
Oklahoma City, Ok 73152

Dear Commissioners:

The City of Newkirk is very much in favor of any development of the Chilocco Indian School Campus just north of Newkirk, Oklahoma. During this time of economic hardship the proposed Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Program to be located in this now vacant facility would be very helpful to our local economy.

This facility would provide a much needed service to those with a dependency on alcohol and/or drugs. The Chilocco Campus is an ideal location for such a facility.

We are looking forward to the approval and completion of this project. If we can be of any assistance please contact me.

Yours truly,


Gary Bilger
Mayor of Newkirk, Oklahoma