Narconon Graduate - From Convict to Celebrity

Narconon Graduate From Convict to Celebrity

Actor Jim Brown at left and Gordon Weinand in a scene from “The Riot” filmed by Paramount Studios inside of Arizona State Prison, May 1968. Produced by William Castle and Directed by Buzz Kulick.

Time of confinement – 15 years dating to age of nine. Entered prison at age of 15 for robbery, assault, and car theft. Escaped in 1959, charged with escape, and car theft. Released from Prison in Minn. 1965. Arrested in Phoenix, Arizona for burglary and confined for 3 years at Arizona State Prison.

Such was Gordon’s colorful history, not to mention his usage of drugs.

Colorful in life as well as on the screen, Gordie, as called by his friends, considers it quite ironic that he would appear portraying a screen role which he actually led in real life – a convict.

Today at 31, a free man and happy in life, Gordie as a Narconon Graduate is Public Executive Secretary for Narconon L.A. (Los Angeles, California) His senior executive post directs the functions of promotion and public relations. Gordie, such as others in Narconon staff, holds a regular daytime job in sales, and devotes the rest of his time to Narconon expansion.

“Maybe some day,” he expresses, “I can play a part in The Narconon Story. (This is the book written by Narconon Founder, William Benitez, which is an autobiography and rehabilitation documentary which is due for completion soon). I’ve read the manuscript and I think it surpasses The Man With The Golden Arm. I want to expand Narconon rapidly so we can fulfill requests from other countries for Narconon.”