Drug Program Leader Tells of Technology

Drug Program Leader Tells Technology

Friday, July 27, 1973


Somebody had to come up with the technology that is vital for the proper handling of the drug program, and Narconon has that technology, Brent Davis, executive director for Narconon, told members of the Del Norte Lions Club.

Narconon is an international drug rehabilitation agency with a new office in El Paso which is seeking public support for its program designed to help the drug addict get “unhooked”.

DAVIS SPOKE to the Lions at their regular meeting in the Rodeway Inn at Bassett Center.

He said that to be successful, a drug rehabilitation program should attain better than 50 percent success otherwise it should be closed down.

Narconon can start the rehabilitation program while the addict is “stoned” and uses structural drills and very heavy applications of vitamins and minerals to restore the addict, Davis said.

THE STRUCTURAL drills enable a patient to confront anything without assuming the defensive.

A highlight was the presentation of the Governor’s banner to the Del Norte Lions Club by past District Governor Bill Stevic. Since Del Norte is the home club of District 2T3 Governor Roger L. Moore, the banner will be displayed at all meetings of the club during Governor’s Moore’s term of office.