Narconon Hotline for PCP Users

Hotline for PCP Users

Narconon Hotline for PCP Users

Narconon, a non-profit drug rehabilitation program center located at the Wilshire District is now operating a 24-hour hot line for PCP users. PCP widely known for its devastating effects, has caused great concern in the Los Angeles area because of the countless lives and families that have been ruined by this dangerous drug.

The PCP Hotline was discussed at a recent open house given at the local Narconon facility. The President of the City Council John Ferraro, and area judicial leaders attended and signed a Declaration of War on PCP. Following the event, Narconon started working on a PCP Hotline for the greater Los Angeles area.

The PCP Hotline is now operating and available for people who have a PCP or other drug problem. The Hotline is open on a 24-hour basis. Anyone calling will be greeted by a staff member who has been trained in handling any crises that might be occurring due to the effects of PCP. Parents are welcome to call if they have a loved one using PCP for advice and help.

Narconon’s highly successful one-to-one counselling combined with mega-vitamin therapy has had splendid results in curing people of drug addiction.

Narconon has been commended by the City Council and various judicial leaders for its work in the field of drug abuse.

Narconon attributes its success in handling the problem of drug addiction to the use of techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard, American humanitarian and educator.

The one-to-one counselling and mega-vitamin therapy are designed to put the person back in control of himself and in communication with his surroundings. The body is replenished with the vitamins which the use of the drug has taken from it, so that it will once again be healthy. Narconon does not use drugs to “help” people get off of drugs. Narconon has several follow-up courses designed to enhance the individual’s ability to operate in society without drugs.

The local Narconon in Los Angeles now is expanding into the California Rehabilitation Center, a prison for drug addicts. Narconon is treating drug addiction in the C.R.C. facility.

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