Physician Points Out Benefits of Completing Narconon Drug Rehab Program

Physician Points Out Narconon Rehab Benefits



At your request I would like to say the following:

I am famillar with the rehabilitation centre following contact with some ten to fifteen patients in the outpatient department. These reported to Narconon as voluntary patients and stayed there for periods of one or more months without the use of drugs or alcohol. They have reported to the section for the treatment of drugs addiction at Danderyd Hospital for appointments with myself. And I have found with few exceptions that they have been able to live there without drugs. The frequency of occasional relapse also seems to be unusually low.

With a few exceptions the patients themselves have also stated that they have benefitted from living for a time in this type of community. They have often said that they feel less insecure, and less anxious and that they do not shy away from the environent as before.

According to the patients’ own statements, which I have only to some extent been able to verify, most of them have benefitted a great deal from being at Narconon as far as their chances of better living under the control of the usual social conditions and its demands are concerned.

Danderyds Hospital 11.12.1973

Herman Knabe
Assistant Chief Physician
Department of Drug and Alcohol
Danderyds Hospital