Letter of Acknowledgement for Health Fair Participation

LOA for Health Fair Participation

San Rafael California

April 30, 1982

Boris Levitsky
P.O. Box 2668
Menlo Park, CA. 94025

Dear Boris,

Thank you for participating in the 1982 West Marin Health Fair sponsored by the Volunteer Bureau April 24. Your informational exhibit was an excellent addiction to our Fair.

I enjoyed meeting your two associates and hope they liked being in West Marin. (Next time I hope you’ll come along.)

Participants seemed very interested in the information NARCONON had to offer. West Mariners appear to be very health-conscious and always want to learn more about nutrition and vitamins. And more information on drug education and prevention is always welcome.

Thank you again for your participation. Hope to see you at next year’s Fair. I plan to pass along NARCONON’S name and functions to our local High School and encourage them to contact you for their upcoming Health Awareness Day.

Yours truly,

Gayanne E. Lathrop, coordinator