Drug Program Gets Appreciation Award

Drug Program Gets Appreciation Award

Each year, WCVB TV Channel 5, presents community service awards to individuals who have significantly contributed to making New England a better place.

This year, WCVB TV presented community service awards to the Narconon drugless withdrawal program, and to the program’s Executive Director, Miss Barbara Bernstein.

The awards were presented before a live audience on the WCVB TV Channel 5 “Sunday Open House” program. Presenting the award to Miss Bernstein and Narconon for “The contribution made by Barbara Bernstein and the Narconon staff to the citizens in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This is our expression of our appreciation for the work you have done on behalf of those whose lives have been touched by drug addiction” was the show’s co-host, Mr. Mark Holmes.

Upon receiving the awards, Miss Bernstein stated, “It has been our pleasure to serve addicts and residents of the various Boston communities in our continuing fight against drug abuse and addiction. We will continue to expand and produce results consistent with the needs of the communities.”

Narconon offers its services of painless withdrawals to addicts throughout the greater Boston area. Miss Bernstein stated that, “The Narconon program is open to any addict who simply wants to lead a better life without drugs. It doesn’t matter to us where the person lives, only that he wants to live a better life without drugs. Our doors are open.”

“Locally,” states Miss Bernstein, “we have taken people off drugs who were addicted a total of more than 70 years to street and ‘legalized’ psychiatric drugs. 70 years. You name it, they were on it. All of these people are now living worthwhile, purposeful lives without drugs.”

Locally, Narconon is at 120 London street in East Boston, and also operates in New London, Connecticut. Narconon plans to expand its program throughout New England. The group accepts private referrals and confidential counselling is available to local families.

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