Kids Becoming the Victims of Drug Addiction

Willie Benitez Giving a Speech

The fastest way to destroy someone’s goals, ability and life is to introduce that person to drugs. It doesn’t matter whether the drugs are taken by smoking them, swallowing pills or using a needle. Drug abuse and addiction not only brings down the individual but also affects society in a negative way. William Benitez, the founder of Narconon, knew this and thus engaged upon drug education to inform young people about the dangers of drugs.

It was in April of 1968 that Mr. Benitez first spoke to kids at the Scottsdale High School, just months after his release from Arizona State Prison. Narconon gives an addicted person the tools he or she needs to change life for the better and not have to turn to drugs or alcohol again to solve problems. The kids at this high school were told about the rehab program and how important it was to never do drugs.

Young kids want to go their own ways, gain independence and freedom. They usually strive to “be cool” and admired by their peers. This can lead to drug abuse when they connect up with the wrong kind of friends. They get curious about what their role models do to gain such popularity. When it is drugs, they want to try it too. Thus a child’s life starts down the road to addiction that will wreck dreams and destroy any hope of a prosperous future.

Today drug addiction and the use of narcotics have infiltrated schools. It is vital to educate the youth of today so they can see that taking drugs is a downward spiral, leading to losing friends, alienating them from their families and turning their lives into a misery. When someone knows the danger of substance abuse, he can make the right decisions about drug use and avoid the horrors of addiction.

Narconon has expanded over the years to offer this rehabilitation program in more than fifty locations around the world. The effective program is not only about learning life skills to live a life without drugs, but also addresses the physical aspect of addiction. The Narconon New Life Detoxification does this through a unique combination of nutritional supplements in generous supply, daily exercise and time in a sauna. This regimen flushes out the drug residues stored in the fatty tissues of the body. These residual drugs are known to be involved in activating drug cravings. Flushing them out results in a lower chance of relapse due to reduced cravings for drugs or alcohol.

The Narconon program still includes life skills training as it did in 1968. These courses enable a recovering addict to go back home, knowing how to communicate effectively and be in control of his life. He knows what responsibility is and how to remain ethical and honest.

The Narconon network has centers in thirty nations in all continents. In almost fifty years, more than 38,000 addicts have been rehabilitated. Between the live drug education presentations and video presentations, Narconon drug education has reached more than seven million children and adults around the world.

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