California State Assembly Resolution Commending the Narconon All Stars June 16, 1983

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By the Honorable Richard Alatorre

Fifty-Fifth Assembly District; relative to commending

The Narconon All Stars

Whereas, the members of the Narconon All Stars – a group of celebrities forming in 1979 – have dedicated themselves to combating pro-drug peer pressure among youth; and

Whereas, these celebrities have come forward as examples of positive, successful individuals who enjoy and participate in activities which do not involve drugs, and have, as a result, become role models for youth; and

Whereas, the Narconon All Stars have been instrumental in deterring drug abuse by offering such alternative activities as softball and drug education programs; and

Whereas, the Narconon All Stars have assisted other community service organizations toward the achievement of their goals, including the youth advancement project, which attempts to help street youth and gang members become drug free, educated, and employed; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by Assemblyman Richard Alatorre, that he takes great pleasure in commending the Narconon All Stars for their efforts to influence and subsequently curtail the use of drugs among young people, and extends best wishes for continued success in the future; and be it further

Resolved, that a suitably prepared copy of this resolution be transmitted to the: Narconon All Stars.

Members Resolution No. 2244

Dated: June 16, 1983


Honorable Richard Alatorre
55th Assembly District
California State Assembly