Doctor Says Narconon Drug Rehab Proven Effective

Doctor Says Narconon Drug Rehab Proven Effective

Channing H. Washburn M.D.
Southwest Harbor, Maine

June 9, 1977

Division of Drug Rehabilitation
Department of Mental Health
Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Sir,

As you can see I am a practicing physician here in Maine. I write to you at this time because of my first hand experience with the Narconon Program of Drug Rehabilitation. Additionally, I feel qualified to proffer you my opinion because I spent six years practicing psychiatry in the Boston area (1967-1973), and have had to treat drug addicts and alcoholics in my position as medical Director of Westwood Lodge, Westwood, Mass.

In view of the lack of success of many, many drug rehabilitation efforts, I became interested in the Narconon program, which is based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. While this program obviously will not work in all cases, it has been proven effective in many cases of long term hard drug addicts and chronic alcoholics. Several Narconon programs have been successful in prison rehabilitation programs, as in Connecticut, Colorado, Arizona and Delaware.

The appeal of this program to me is the fact that it does not rely on drug substitution, (tranquilizers; Methadone etc.) but rather increases the ability, skills and self awareness of the client.

I urge you to license the Narconon Drug Program for the State of Massachusetts. It is a strengthening, character-building program in an area that is so frequently frustrating and fraught with failure.

I should be glad to discuss this with you further if this would be helpful.

Very Truly Yours,

Channing H. Washburn M.D.