Opposes Methadone Program

Opposes Methadone Program


The El Paso Times

August 25, 1973

Opposes Program

Editor, The El Paso Times:

In regards to the article in The El Paso Times about the methadone treatments I would like to say this: over the past couple of years I have friends and also met people who have started this program of methadone. I do not know of one of these people who have actually kicked a habit.

They have either become just as addicted to methadone as they were to heroin or they just cut their heroin habit in half by doing one hit of methadone and then their usual half of their heroin habit. Methadone treatments just mean that they only have to steal half as much to pay for their usual heroin high.

I am very opposed to the methadone program because I don’t believe you can get people off of drugs with drugs.

I believe the only program that really works is one that gets people off of drugs completely like Narconon. A program without drugs. One that gives a person direction in life and initiative to live.

Fay Starnes