Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program Begins at CRC

California Rehabilitation Center Begins

Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program Begins at CRC

NORCO Pony Express

February 7, 1980

A drug rehabilitation program committed to the reduction of crime and drug abuse called Narconon began operating at the California Rehabilitation Center in Norco last week.

According to Marc Casebolt, one of the three program administrators, “five inmates signed up on the first day and began the program which ranges from an initial study course that shows how to handle study difficulty, to ethics and criminality.”

Narconon uses counseling and training techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard, an American author and humanitarian. Its staff are trained to handle all types of drug and alcohol abuse problems.

Casebolt declared, “the Narconon program, which started in 1966 at Arizona State Prison, has expanded to 37 centers and programs internationally, with 23 Narconon’s in the United States.”

Casebolt, said, “IQ tests are taken by the program participants at the outset and during the program and again at the end in order to monitor their progress.”

Through Narconon no drugs whatsoever are used for withdrawal and on this program the usual withdrawal effects such as “cold turkey” are most often completely by-passed.

Casebolt expects the Narconon program to expand to include the residential community soon.

Heavyweight champ Ken Norton has joined the ranks supporting Narconon, recently. Others endorsing or supporting the program include former welterweight world champ Carlos Palomino, jazz pianist Chic Correa, Rock pianist Nicky Hopkins and former 49er quarterback John Brody.