Letter of Acknowledgement from The Fortune Society

Letter of Acknowledgement Fortune Society

The Fortune Society

New York, New York

June 7, 1974

Narconon, New York

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you after my visit to your project on Rickers Island.

As I told you in our before and after discussions I will be happy to assist in any way I can.

With my limited knowledge of the workings of the Narconon Program I was, nevertheless, impressed with the men and their attitudes. My hope is to get a better understanding of the step by step program.

As I told the group, I was familiar with two of the men in the program. I knew one man for many years, and from my past experiences with him, found him to be greatly changed. Knowing him as a loud-mouth rabble-rouser with no direction, I found him doing and saying things of a postive nature that I can only attribute to your efforts. My last contact with this man was in mid-January and he was the same “—-” then as in our past encounters.

Please keep me posted on your progress and call on me any time I can be of assistance.

I hope to see you and the group soon.

Best regards,

Ken Jackson