A Psychiatric Nurse thanks Narconon

A Psychiatric Nurse thanks Narconon

The Boston Herald American Cambridge/Somerville

Drug program praised

By Dan McLaughlin Staff Writer

A former Cambridge woman who admits she had been a victim of legalized drug pushing, thanks Narconon of East Boston for straightening her out.

Narconon is a program dedicated to the reduction of crime and drug abuse. It’s a drug free rehabilitation center.

“For more than eight years my whole life was evaluated by psychiatrists who continually gave me more and new drugs because they did not really know what to do…the blind leading the blind,” said Susan Bittar, a professionally-trained psychiatric nurse who holds a Masters Degree.

Upon completing the Narconon program, she said, “I decided to stay on and become a staff member. It works, and I really want to help people. Narconon is the only valid way you can help people on drugs. I’ve been through it. I know what it’s like.”

Narconon’s technology was developed by L. Ron Hubbard, an education specialist, following communications with an inmate-addict who in 1966 read on of Hubbard’s books while serving in Arizona State Prison.

Barbara Bernstein, Narconon director, said while the controversy over methadone maintenance continues to attract even more attention and criticism, Narconon’s addict rehabilitation program flourishes.

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