Travolta Joins Forces with Narconon

John Travolta and Narconon

Travolta Joins Forces with Narconon

John Travolta has joined forces with Narconon for a drug-free society. We interviewed John about Narconon and the drug problem.

Question: John, why have you chosen to help the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Program?

John: Because Narconon has an extraordinary record of people not going back on to drugs after completing the program. The clients know they have been handled and that they’ll have permanent results and that is the difference.

The key to Narconon’s technique is to use vitamin therapy and no drugs. It’s drug rehabilitation with health in mind completely.

Using drugs to get people off drugs is just an alteration of the same problem and the person could end up with a different addiction.

Another important part of the program is to set your goals in life. To look at all the decisions that you made that may have been false to begin with and get on the right track again.

Question: You attended Narconon’s Stunt Show for a Drug-Free Society. What role can stuntmen play in doing something about the drug problem?

John: Stuntmen are very important in the movie industry and they have been known to do very brave and sort of outrageous things as a profession. So, if they can prove to the public that they can do stunts without the use of drugs or alcohol, it is a very important statement. Being an actor and using stuntmen in every film, or at least every other film, it would be important to support them as well.

Question: Is there something that has caused you to become interested in doing something about the drug problem?

John: For the last two years I’ve put more time into this than ever because the drug problem is so evident. You just have to look around or read the papers, see your friends go down the tubes, see great artists go down the tubes or see neighbors go down the tubes to realize there is a problem. So I’ve been concentrating my efforts on trying to get a nationwide movement going along with President and Mrs. Reagan, who have done excellent at this.

I think you’re so overwhelmed with what has happened to you the first couple years of your fame that it takes another few years to get used to the idea that maybe there are other aspects to fame than performing, that there could be influence in other areas of life.

Question: The United States has in the recent past put more attention on the drug problem. What steps should we take next?

John: The drug problem is so evident now. Drugs are on the cover of Time and Newsweek. So, I’m not as concerned about the awareness level as I am with the education of how to handle it.

I’m really happy the country is willing and has faced the problems and I have to recommend the Narconon Program as a top solution.

Question: What is the goal of your public service work?

John: A drug-free society. The potential for one’s life without drugs could be amazing, beyond anyone’s wildest dreams of what they could have or achieve.