Narconon — Handling a Social Disaster !

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Narconon — Handling a Social Disaster !

We are joined to each other by agreements. Our laws, our customs, our interchange of goods, food and services, and in fact the games of life are made up of agreements. Imagine trying to achieve ones goals and aims in life in a lunatic asylum, where there were few agreements. Progress would be difficult, if not impossible.

Unfortunately, the level of agreement in our society is deteriorating, approaching more and more that of the asylum. The social strife, the economic disruptions, the crime and the drug/alcohol dependence as a life style is increasing. These affect you and me. Our ideals become harder to attain, our lives and property put in greater jeopardy and our friends and children subjected to increased pre s sure to take an easy way out.

A famous philosopher once said, “What an individual or a society does not face-up to and confront, they become the effect of.” This society and the majority of the individuals in it are not facing-up to and effectively confronting the elements which are pulling it down. As a result, they are becoming more and more the effect. The end result of not confronting and not handling a situation is disaster, no agreements and ultimately oblivion. Already, there is evidence of impending disaster all around.

Obviously, if this trend is to be reversed and catastrophe avoided timely and effective action must be taken. This action must be taken by individuals and groups who are willing to face-up to the worst elements in the situation, and handle them. Wishful thinking does no good, and waiting for someone else to act is irresponsible.

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  • V.D.
  • Court Costs
  • Thefts
  • Taxes
  • Suicide
  • Moral Decay
  • Prisons
  • Murder
  • Ghettos
  • Welfare
  • Accidents
  • Poverty
  • Hospitalization

Resources of Society

Narconon provides the vehicle for such action. Utilizing the procedures and technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard to confront and handle drug/alcohol abuse and criminal behavior, it endows individuals willing to take action with the means to get results. Until quite recently the drug/alcohol abuser or criminal has been shunned by society at large, has been denied effective rehabilitation and has become increasingly anti-social by being stripped of his right or need to contribute. The individuals working in Narconon as a group are facing-up to, confronting, and effectively rehabilitating the members of society who are out of agreement, the drug/alcohol abuse and criminal.

While still on a small scale compared to the need, they are raising the level of agreement and restoring sanity in our society.

Your help is invited in this vital effort. As a volunteer or a paid worker or contributor of resources; you can bring your intention and your energy to bear on rescuing individuals and salvaging our society. It does require confront.

It is not always easy. But for those who care, and who have a resolve to do something about a situation which if unhandled can destroy all they hold of value, we provide a challenging game and unlimited fulfillment.

You can join Narconon now, as a staff member or a contributor. Staff members are needed who can work as much as four hours a week helping run a rehabilitation or prevention program or for full time as an administrator, supervisor/counsellor or fund raiser. Write the Personnel Officer, Narconon U.S. 1229 S. Westmoreland, Los Angeles, Cal 90006 now, and indicate your interest.

As a contributor of resources, resources vital for Narconon’s expansion, you can make it possible for people to train as Narconon counsellor/supervisors and to put programs in where they are needed. Narconon has already achieved recognition by some states, such as California and Delaware, where the state has agreed to pay for Narconon programs, by the Federal Government in Los Angeles where some funding has been provided for the New Life Community Program, by the City of New York for a program in Rikers Island, by the Berlin Senate in Berlin, Germany and by the Swedish Government in Stockholm. But, Narconon is not a program which depends on government support and control. It is a program made up of dedicated individuals joined together in an effective group to rescue individuals end salvage a society. It is a free enterprise undertaking, and it relies on individual effort and contribution from concerned and responsible members of society to accomplish this. If you are willing to join in this effort as a contributor, please fill out this pledge card now, and send it in.

All Contributions are tax deductible.

Narconon Expansion continues around the world

Berlin, Germany — The first Narconon program in Germany, in Berlin prison was funded by the Berlin Senate in November. This program run by Peter Krumholtz has produced excellent results, and negotiations are in progress for two additional funded programs in Berlin.

Stockholm, Sweden — The Narconon Community Program in Huddinge run by Sig Bjork has become widely known in Sweden for its results. Recently the Swedish Social Bureau has granted approval for it to receive full state support. Typical of some of the results are these described by Curt Mark, Chief Physician Clinic 4, Lamgbro Hospital, Alvajo, remarks dated 10-12-1973.

“I know of the Narconon Rehabilitation Centre through two patients formerly treated at Lamgbro Hospital. One of the patients, before he was transferred to Narconon, had an extensive background of drug abuse. While at this hospital he told us many times that he had no intention of ever giving up drugs. During all of the time that he was under treatment in the hospital, he made heavy demands for soporifics and tranquilizers. After he contacted Narconon, he soon ceased his consumption of soporifics and tranquilizers and gave up drugs completely. He has adjusted himself to a life without drugs in a most satisfactory way. When he has come into contact with myself and other people in the hospital, he has shown a personal joy and harmony which is, no doubt, a result of his contact with Narconon.

“The second patient has also been treated at this hospital from time to time, and he, too, has an extensive background of criminality and drug abuse. While in the hospital he tried hard to change to change his condition of living, but failed. After contacting Narconon his condition has changed completely, and he has given up drugs totally and shows a most positive personal development. In my view this development, too, has come about through the positive contact with Narconon.

“Because of the very positive results achieved in these two patients after contacting Narconon I have come to very highly respect the work done and the very positive contribution made by the staff of the rehabilitation centre.”

Malmo, Sweden — The highly successful Narconon Community Program operates in the downtown premises furnished by the Parent’s Association. Members of the Young Christian Organization are helping support and fund it.

Harlow, Essex, England — The Harlow Community program run by Peter Davies and Peter McClaron is making significant inroads in rehabilitating the chemical-dependent people in this industrial city about 40 miles out of London.

El Paso Texas — The Narconon Community program in El Paso has achieved consistent success in getting hardened addicts off heroin in 72 hours drug free withdrawal, which minimizes withdrawal pains. Once they are through withdrawal, they start on the practical exercises which enable them to face-up-to and experience the individuals and activities in their environment, to gain control of their attention, and to focus it on the matter at hand, to communicate easily in a fulfilling manner with individuals with a wide variety of viewpoints, to complete what they start in life in spite of obstacles or distractions, and to be able to study and apply what they have studied to get results in life. Narconon El Paso also runs a program in the Jesus Mary School.

Palo Alto, California — Mr. Nate Jessup joined pro football star John Brodie and Deby Recyling to assist in the continuing expansion of Narconon programs in the area, including Mayfield in Palo Alto, Russell in San Lorenzo and Redwood High. They have recently opened offices for a community program in San Jose.

Berkeley, Calif. — The Narconon Community Program is located in a large former fraternity house on the edge of the University of California campus. The staff, headed by Paul Leonard, are rehabilitating more and more students from the University who have become involved in drugs.

Salinas, California — When 21 year old Sherry Owen started the Narconon program in the California Training Facility, Soledad California, she wasn’t expecting to encounter the hostility she found between different inmate groups.

Her first class of fifty, which she handled by herself, was approximately one third Chicanos, one third Blacks and one third Whites. The three groups were almost completely polarized, with virtually no communication between them. With strong support from inmate leaders, she soon had members of the different groups working together on communication exercises, able to say anything to each other without stirring up hostilities.

New York City, N. Y. — The Narconon program in Rikers Island, is producing excellent results. Under the direction of Mike Partridge, the staff is expanding and training, and plans to start new programs in Queens College and Columbia University this month. They have also scheduled a major Narconon promotion event in Madison Square Garden on March 15.

New London, Conn. — Narconon Connecticut, ably directed by Pat Healy has found new, much larger premises in the Independent School, and will be moving in this month. In addition to running a program in the Independent School, they will continue to run a program in the Multi-Service Center.

Boston, Mass. — Mr. Les Marsden is training to become the Dir. of Narconon.

Denver, Colorado — Narconon Colorado, under the direction of Leo Grosso will be moving into new and larger premises this month. The Narconon Community Program in Denver is producing good results, which are becoming known throughout the community.

Minneapolis, Minn. — Mr. Paul Swirtz and Carly Smalkowske are training to establish Narconon programs in Minnesota. With Mark Jones, they recently briefed the day legislature and corrections officials in the state on Narconon.

Chicago, Illinois, — Mr. Paul Bezazian and Flo Bezazian are laying the groundwork for a Narconon program in Chicago. School teacher Margina Mayo plans to use the Narconon programs in her school.

Washington, D.C, — Miss Rebecca Myers, Mr. Craige Sharp and Bob and Heide Weaver are preparing to establish Narconon programs in the Kansas City area, Miss Karen Davidson plans to set up Narconon programs to meet the demand. She has other trained people available to assist her.


Smyrna, Delaware — The two full time Narconon supervisors in the Delaware Correctional Institutions, Mike Holycross and Mike Roylannce are doing an excellent job. Real rehabilitation is being achieved. Barry Jaye original first supervisor in Delaware recently returned from a four week trip to Delaware to help the programs expansion.

St. Louis, Missouri — The Narconon program in the St. Louis City workhouse is doing well.

Narconon New Life’s Executive Director, Ben Gibson, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Law Degree from Los Angeles College of Law, and will be presented with a plaque at an Awards Ceremony later this month. Congratulations, Dr. Gibson! (Narconon New Life Los Angeles).

Narconon U.S. has been awarded the services of Ben Garcia, by his employer Xerox Corporation. Ben is a senior member of their training staff, and will be given a one year leave with full pay to work with Narconon as Senior Training Officer for the training of Narconon Supervisors. Says Ben, “I look forward to combining my experience at Xerox with the techniques of L. Ron Hubbard in order that I may work to bring about a drug free society.” Welcome, Ben Garcia!


I started the Narconon program on July 27, 1973 and at this point can see and feel a big change in not only myself, but the world around me. The world has not changed, nor have the people in it. The change has been in me. The way I look at people and the environment has completely reversed.

I am in complete control of myself and in turn this puts me in control of everything I confront. At this point I want it understood that control is not possession, but an ability to accept things as they are and a rational mind to change things that are obstacles and not deal with them with a reactive mind.

I must give complete credit to Narconon and the staff.




I went through withdrawals with NO pain and I realize that I’ve got an obligation to my family.

I know it will be hard but I ’m going to go through with it.

Thank you Narconon

A. A.


If one applied all the tech from Narconon in his everyday life he could be completely at cause over it, there would be a real sense of harmony with everyone he came in contact with.

Life is so very wonderful once you find yourself and the role you are to play in it. With Narconon I found my place in life.

Thank-You L. Ron Hubbard!



Its funny how you can tell yourself I am a realistic person, and then find out that there are alot of things in everyday life that you just take for granted and that you find you really don’t give them the solid reality that you should. They are there; you do see them so give them all the reality they deserve. I found that t heir proper reality, your consideration for them improves them and balance returns. Reality! Really!



A person will obtain knowledge from any course he takes, but for a person to better himself, that’s something else again, especially when you are in jail.




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