Director of Corrections, State of California Recommends Narconon

Director of Corrections, State of California Recommends Narconon

Mr. Thomas B. Savage
Project Director
Drug Alternative Program
N.J. Youth Correctional Institution
714 P Street, Suite 740
Bordentown, New Jersey 08505

Dear Mr. Savage:

Subject: Drug Rehabilitation

Director Procunier has asked me to respond to your recent inquiry regarding drug rehabilitation programs. In adult correctional institutions we have no formalized approach to this problem. If the inmate is emotionally disturbed, his addiction will be dealt with along with his emotional problems. We have a number of volunteer and self-help programs going. Probably the best of these is NARCONON. I will bring your interest to the attention of Col. Jones, Director of NARCONON, who can provide more details about that program.

Most of the adult offenders adjudged by the courts to be addicts are handled under our Civil Addict Program. The California Rehabilitation Center at Corona is the control institution, and I will alert them to send you a description of their program.

You may have already contacted the Youth Authority but in case you didn’t, I refer your query to them also. They deal with population more comparable to yours and have a variety of specialized programs dealing with drug users.

Yours truly,
Original Signed By
L.A. Bennett

Lawrence A. Bennett, Ph. D.
Chief, Research Division

CC: Supt. Wood, CRC, Attention R. Koehler
K.S. Griffiths, Ph. D., CYA Research
Col. Mark Jones