Drug Rehab for Switzerland

An addict struggles daily with the intense cravings for drugs or alcohol. His body and mind demand that he (or she) satisfy those urges, find the next pill or drink that will calm the demands. Refusing to comply only brings on horrible withdrawal symptoms, making life intolerable. Addiction takes control of a life, driving an addict to lying, stealing and deceitful manipulation of those closest to him. Finding an effective drug rehab for Switzerland is the only way out of this trap. Luckily, at Narconon Deutschschweiz there is a solution.

Swiss authorities have been desperate to control the crime and other social harms coming from drug abuse. The establishing of a “needle park” in Zurich was one of the measures taken in an attempt to help, trying to control the sharing of needles and thus stop the spread of disease. When this failed to get results, medication-assisted treatment was found to at least improve the health and social standing of the many opiate addicts. The real chance to achieve lasting recovery comes at the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.

The Narconon Drug Rehab Help and Prevention Center in Steinen, Switzerland is an effective support group which gets those in need onto the successful Narconon rehab program. Narconon has a 70% success rate in achieving lasting sobriety from drug or alcohol addiction. This is an addict’s real opportunity to leave drugs behind for good.

How the Narconon Program Works to Save Addicted Lives

An important part of full recovery is ensuring a person can leave ALL drugs behind. therefore Narconon does not use drug replacement therapy in its treatment program. Substitute drugs such as Suboxone, methadone and buprenorphine are just as addictive as illegal street drugs. They can be more difficult to withdraw from. When he does not simply trade one addiction for another, a recovering addict has a much better chance at attaining true sobriety and lasting recovery.

Drugless withdrawal at Narconon is made more tolerable in a number of ways. Nutritional support is vital. Essential nutrients are depleted during addiction, as the addict does not eat the right kind of diet or even eat much at all. When these nutrients are replenished, the body is better able to withstand the discomforts of withdrawal.

Experienced and trained staff at Narconon also assist the recovering addict through withdrawal by administering unique relaxation techniques. These help ease the aches and pains. Special reorientation exercises orient the person to his new, safe environment.

Addressing the Physical Aspects of Addiction Means Lasting Sobriety

Narconon ensures the factors causing an addict to relapse into a life of drug abuse are addressed thoroughly. Not all drugs leave the body after someone has stopped taking them. Residual drugs remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body, causing confused and muddled thinking. These drug residues are also known to contribute to the triggering of drug cravings, even years later.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification eliminates these residual poisons from the body through the use of a unique regimen of nutritional supplements, moderate exercise and time in a low heat sauna. Once flushed from the system, the residual toxins no longer affect the person and he will feel brighter, more energetic and alert. Many who complete this phase of the Narconon program state that their drug cravings have totally vanished.

The final phase of the effective Narconon treatment program is providing the recovering addict with important life skills that he lost in an addicted lifestyle. He must be able to solve the problems that he will face when he goes back home. He should be able to restore and rebuild relationships that were destroyed. The Narconon Life Skills Courses give the student reliable and applicable tools he can use in his daily life so he won’t have to turn to drugs or alcohol again. He will be able to maintain his sobriety.

One of these courses is the Ups and Downs in Life Course. Here the person recovering from addiction will learn how to identify social and antisocial personality characteristics. In learning these traits, he will be able to identify and develop positive relationships with people supportive of his continued sobriety. This goes a long way in assisting the recovering addict in living a productive and happy life without drugs.

Switzerland is No Stranger to the Worldwide Drug Problem

Switzerland faces serious drug trafficking and abuse problems. Drug-related arrests for heroin and marijuana are extensive. In 2006 alone there were about 40,000 people arrested for drug violations.

In Switzerland, drugs come into the country from West Africa in abundance. Of foreign drug traffickers arrested in the country, about 60% were West Africans.

Broad cocaine distribution makes the drug widely available and tempts those trying to leave drugs behind. It is therefore imperative that addicts have an effective drug rehab for Switzerland where they can find lasting recovery and leave drugs behind for good.

Narconon is an innovative and holistic recovery program that addresses both the mental and physical dependency of drugs and alcohol. With one of the highest success rates in the world, this program is a must for any addict. Contact the international offices of Narconon today.