Drug Rehab for Goteborg Sweden

Lovely Goteborg, Sweden is known for its many musical and sporting events. It is an important educational center for Sweden as well, with several universities. Both these facts mean that Goteborg (known in English as Gothenburg) attracts many young people. This means that drug traffickers who want to prey on the young will also be attracted to the city. Any young people and older citizens can find help for the addiction that can result from substance abuse, at the Narconon center near Malmo. This unique program has an excellent record of helping the addicted achieve full sobriety.

Dozens of rehab programs in Sweden don’t necessarily strive to achieve full sobriety. They may not feel that sobriety can be achieved so they provide substitute medications like buprenorphine or methadone to people who are addicted to opiates. But at Narconon, even those with long-term addictions to opiates or amphetamines, among other drugs, achieve sobriety. The Narconon program specifically addresses the cravings that drive so many people back to drug use, even when they desperately want to stay clean.

One of the key methods of helping reduce cravings is the phase of recovery called The Narconon New Life Detoxification. This phase uses the sauna, generous doses of nutritional supplements and moderate daily exercise to activate the body’s ability to flush out old drug toxins. These toxins become lodged in the fatty tissues, but the combination enables the body to release them. As they are eliminated, each person’s mind clears and most people say their cravings reduce or go away entirely.

Once a person has reduced or lost cravings, he (or she) is much better set up to start constructing a new sober life.

Learning New Life Skills

There are many situations in life that the formerly-addicted person must learn to deal with if they are to stay sober. Previously, they might have escaped or been driven into drug use when life got difficult. The life skills section of the Narconon program includes:

  • A brush-up on study skills
  • An understanding of what types of associates lead to trouble and which ones lead to success and how to deal with each of them successfully
  • Knowledge of how to deal with challenges and problems and turn them around to the desired result
  • A common sense moral code to guide one’s decisions and actions
  • And much more.

An essential point that must also be addressed is the loss of personal integrity and self-respect. Each person goes through so much trauma, loss and wrongdoing while they are addicted that it is hard to recover fully when this burden has not been relieved. The Personal Values and Integrity Course that forms one element in the Life Skills section shows each person how integrity is lost and the process through which it can be recovered. Those going through this section of the rehab program talk about how the “weight was lifted” from their shoulders as guilt leaves and integrity returns.

Goteborg and Lasting Recovery

Like many other Swedish cities, Goteborg has widespread problems with cannabis. In the last couple of years, increasing amounts of methamphetamine have also been seized. Meth is the most common drug sending Swedes to rehab programs so the presence of this drug that has been problematic since the 1930s is not a great surprise.

In 2010, the synthetic marijuana that has wreaked havoc in the United States was found being sold in a Goteborg candy store frequented by children. But at that moment, the drug was not illegal. European countries have since taken action to ban several harmful substances that were sold as recreational drugs.

When someone you care about in Goteborg needs help leaving drugs behind for good, find out about the Narconon drug and alcohol recovery program.