Drug Rehab for Pueblo, Colorado

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The curse of addiction makes an addict feel hopeless, unable to maintain a fulfilling life. Family, work, dreams for the future—all are destroyed in favor of striving for that next fix or drink. The habit is all the addicted person lives for now. Many addicted people would escape if they knew there was a way to eliminate the addiction for good. With the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, hope can be revived and lasting sobriety can be achieved.

An effective rehab center, Narconon Colorado in Fort Collins offers a residential facility that provides the treatment necessary to live a drug-free life and establish hope once again.

Three Phases in the Narconon Program Allow for Lasting Recovery

Certain factors in drug rehabilitation have been discovered that help to prevent relapse. The holistic Narconon program addresses these aspects in three phases of treatment. First, there is drug-free withdrawal. Once withdrawal is complete, the recovering addict goes through a thorough detoxification and then studies Life Skills courses that restore the person’s ability to lead an ethical and productive life without drugs.

Drug-free withdrawal is important so as not to create a new addiction in treating the original one. The substitute medications—methadone, buprenorphine and often, benzodiazepines—used in most recovery programs are themselves addictive. At Narconon, withdrawal without drug substitutes or other medications is made more tolerable through the use of nutritional support, effective procedures to reduce pain and discomfort, and other one-on-one assistance from the trained staff. The recovering person is better able to physically and mentally cope with the difficulties of withdrawal with the use of these specific techniques.

Lasting Recovery Achievable by Proper Detox and Restored Life Skills

The Narconon New Life Detoxification is an innovative process of eliminating poisons stored in the body after long-term drug use. Drug residues lodged in the fatty tissues of the body can create foggy and confused thought processes and have been known to contribute to triggering drug cravings. This detoxification flushes these toxins from the body through the use of time in a low-heat sauna, a moderate exercise program, and generous nutritional supplements. This combination is a regimen that, when followed exactly often results in those who complete the service stating that they now have a brighter outlook for their future and that drug cravings have disappeared.

The Narconon Life Skills Courses are then begun. It has been clear that addicts lead a destructive lifestyle while addicted. They make wrong choices and hurt others along the way. To turn this around, the Narconon program offers the way to restore and rebuild the skills lost in long-term drug abuse. One such course, the Changing Conditions in Life Course, shows a recovering addict how to repair the relationships and situations in his life.

Effective Drug Rehab in Pueblo a Necessity

A high percentage of Pueblo, Colorado youth have turned to illicit drugs. In 2016, Pueblo was reported as having the highest rate of heroin overdoses in all of Colorado. Hope would seem to be gone unless there was an option for lasting recovery.

At Narconon Colorado, you can count on effective and lasting drug recovery so an addict can finally experience freedom from drug addiction and live a life of sobriety. Contact Narconon today.