Drug Rehab for Loveland, Colorado

Lake view in Loveland Colorado

Family and friends of addicts know that many drug rehabs often fall short, not resulting in lasting recovery. Relapse is common, with drug abuse habits simply picked up where they were left off.

A hope of lasting sobriety is vital in knowing an addicted person can live a fulfilling and productive life without the need to turn to drugs or alcohol to solve the problems he or she faces in living. With Narconon Colorado only a few miles away, lasting recovery is now available for Loveland residents.

Narconon Colorado in Fort Collins is a residential center with comfortable accommodations, providing a holistic and effective program to turn around the life of an addict. Services include withdrawal, detoxification and the teaching of life skills to better handle a life without drugs after returning home.

Drug-free Withdrawal Avoids the Addictive Effects of Substitute Drugs

While many drug rehab centers in Loveland and elsewhere may use substitute medications in treating addiction, the Narconon program uses no drugs of any kind throughout the treatment. When methadone, Suboxone or buprenorphine are very often prescribed for someone addicted to opiates, it will not provide sobriety. These substitute medications are themselves addictive and the addict develops a reliance on these new drugs. Treatment with substitute medications can be ongoing, even lasting for several years. With the holistic Narconon approach and no drug substitutes, a recovering addict can achieve lasting sobriety and a chance at a productive and happy life.

Particularly effective is the drug-free withdrawal. Using generous nutritional support, the addicted person is not only better able to withstand the discomforts of withdrawal, but nutrients lost in an addictive lifestyle are also replenished. Additional assistance is provided by the experienced and trained staff who also monitor the recovering addict 24/7 to ensure he is sleeping and eating well and is comfortable.

Ridding the Body of Drug Resides is Essential for a Complete Recovery

New Life Detox program

The Narconon New Life Detoxification is begun after withdrawal is complete. This thorough detoxification removes the drug residues stored in the fatty tissues of the body which have been known to be involved in triggering drug cravings long after drug use has ceased. Once these stored poisons are eliminated from the addict’s system, he can feel brighter, more alive and refreshed. Many who complete this detox have commented their cravings have disappeared.

Additionally, Narconon Life Skill Courses go far to ensure a recovering addict can go back home after the program is complete and make the correct decisions in his life. He learns how to avoid falling back into the trap of drug abuse. An addicted lifestyle destroys basic abilities in living. Once these are restored and rebuilt, these skills allow the individual to confront life and its difficulties without turning to drugs or alcohol.

One such course is called the Personal Values Course. Here the student learns how integrity is lost and how it can be restored. Those in recovery studying this information feel great relief and know this is a big step toward living an honest and productive life once again.

Saving Addicted Lives Prevents Heartache and Loss in so Many Ways

In Colorado, the destruction and heartache that come from drug addiction in the population is great. In 2009, it was reported that one in three motor vehicle fatalities were caused by those who tested positive for drugs. The only way to save an addicted life and to save those who could die as a result of an addict’s destructive lifestyle is to find an effective drug rehab in Loveland that provides lasting sobriety.

With the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center only a short drive away in Fort Collins, an addict will find a lasting life of sobriety is simple to achieve. Take advantage of this opportunity to get on the right road and achieve a new life without drugs. Contact Narconon today.