Drug Rehab for Colombia

There are terrible tragedies that befall a person addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is devastating to a person’s life in so many ways. An addict is not only in danger of illness and sudden death, but his lifestyle puts him in the path of violent drug traffickers and criminal drug cartels. Family and friends have every reason to be terrified of the plight of an addict. The only hope they have is to find an effective drug rehab for Colombia that can provide lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. The Narconon drug rehabilitation center in Bogata is the solution.

Illegal drugs are produced and distributed in quantity in Colombia. Drug trafficking cartels have changed the structure of Colombian culture. Cocaine is processed in jungle labs and transported to the United States and other countries. As of 2011, Colombia was considered the world’s largest cocaine producer. With such an availability of illicit drugs, addicts desperately need a drug rehab that can truly set their life on the right path, with a freedom from drug addiction and abuse.

The Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program is the Holistic Solution

In Bogota, the Narconon drug rehab center provides an effective and successful approach to drug and alcohol recovery. Without the use of addictive drug substitutes, this treatment program gets the addict through a drugless withdrawal, delivers a unique detoxification and teaches the person how to maintain a sober life.

Withdrawal is the first step. Many dread the withdrawal process, as it can be quite difficult and uncomfortable. However, at Narconon withdrawal is made more tolerable by using generous nutritional support and careful assistance by trained staff. During a life of addiction, essential nutrients are depleted, since the addict does not usually eat very well. Replenishing these nutrients goes far to help the body withstand withdrawal. The experienced staff carefully monitor each recovering individual, ensuring they are eating well, sleeping properly and are as comfortable as possible.

Narconon has been Saving Addicted Lives for Decades

For over forty-five years, the Narconon program has helped addicts achieve lasting recovery. Part of the success is addressing factors that prevent the chance of relapse. Drug residues remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body long after someone has stopped using drugs. These residual drugs must be flushed out, because they not only cause foggy and confused thinking, but also have been known to be involved in triggering drug cravings.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification eliminates residual poisons by employing an effective combination of nutritional supplements, time in a low heat sauna and some moderate exercise. Once these toxins are flushed from the system, the recovering addict experiences much clearer thinking and his body is refreshed and enlivened. Many say that their drug cravings are completely gone.

Once complete with withdrawal and detoxification, the participant will engage in a study of the Narconon Life Skills Courses. This series of courses educates the student in how to make drug-free decisions and lead an ethical and honest life. He will learn how to face the twists and turns that life throws at him, not needing to turn to drugs or alcohol to avoid challenges and stresses.

For instance, the Ups and Downs in Life Course has information which teaches the recovering addict how to identify and develop relationships with those people who will have a positive effect upon his life. He will learn how to avoid those people who would jeopardize his life of sobriety.

Colombian Drug Trafficking Makes it Imperative for Effective Drug Rehab

It is widely publicized regarding the drug problem in Colombia. Colombian anti-drug forces regularly team up with the United States’ Drug Enforcement Administration to try and stem the tide of drug smuggling and distribution. Recently six men were captured who were suspected of smuggling large amounts of cocaine into Europe. The criminals were using various strategies to get drugs across borders.

In another recent incident, one major leader of a drug trafficking organization was finally captured after a long investigation into the drug smuggling empire of Oficina de Envigado. Using street gangs to help control their territory, this organization has been heavily involved in violence and mayhem. Another prominent person in the drug trade was shot and killed in Medellin. The lady was known as the “queen of cocaine” and was one of the first in Colombia to smuggle cocaine into the U.S. She reportedly had ordered the deaths of numerous rivals in the drug trade over the years.

With a country so riddled with illegal drugs, the only hope for an addict is to find an effective drug rehab for Colombia that can help him achieve lasting recovery, decreasing or eliminating the chances of relapse, and giving him the tools for happy living. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program does just that. There is no more effective program than Narconon for an addict to achieve a happy and productive life without drugs. Call Narconon today.