Narconon Zutphen

Drug Rehab Facility

Narconon has established itself as a successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in nearly forty countries around the world. For three decades, the Narconon residential treatment center in the Netherlands has been saving lives from opiate, cocaine, amphetamine and marijuana addiction.


Located in the rural town of Zutphen, just a short drive from Amsterdam, addicts find an addiction recovery program that enables them to rebuild their lives and repair the damage caused by drug abuse.

Home-Like Atmosphere

The warm and caring staff and
home-like atmosphere provide the perfect environment for an individual to regain control of their life.

Nutritional Meals

The carefully appointed guest rooms provide the rest that is essential to successfully completing the program, as well as nutritional meals to assist in rebuilding one’s health.

Graduates State that Narconon Zutphen Saved their Lives

In case after case, those who have completed the drug rehabilitation program in Zutphen state that this treatment center saved their lives. One woman told a terrifying tale of years of crime perpetrated to maintain her drug habit. When she woke up vomiting blood one day, she realized that she would die within a week if she did not get help. She had heard that the Narconon drug recovery program in Zutphen could help and she went to them. It took a few months for her to finally rebuild her life that was destroyed by substance abuse, but she did it. She got completely clean and became a productive employee again, also restoring her relationship with her family.

Another graduate told of starting to smoke cannabis when he was twelve years old. He became addicted and continued to smoke it while his schoolwork and family life deteriorated. All of his money went to the drug, and he began to steal bicycles to get more money. After he got kicked out of school, his mother found Narconon Zutphen to help him. After several weeks in the program, the youth began to brighten up once again. When he completed the substance abuse treatment program, he said, “I see everything much clearer. It is such a relief. I can live again and want to finish school now.”

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