Swedish Drug Rehab Graduate Thanks Narconon Eslov

Narconon Eslov Drug Rehab Graduate

It is so true that drug addiction brings devastation to a life. Addicts live on the edge of an abyss, which at any moment can completely swallow them. The addict does not just harm himself. His family and friends suffer and worry as they see him lose control of his life and sink to the depths of existence. With Narconon Eslov in Sweden, however, this picture can change very rapidly.

Long-term use of heroin, cocaine or amphetamines has been a problem in Sweden for many years. It was estimated in recent times that the number of drug users in the country was five people in every thousand. This is too many with a horrible habit that affects the user himself and so many others. In 2009, there were 267 directly drug-related deaths - an increase over previous years.

The need for an effective drug rehab for the country is clear. There is a drug treatment program in Sweden which has a high success rate in achieving lasting recovery. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center - Narconon Eslov - recently celebrated its Thirtieth Anniversary. At that celebration, one graduate from the program truly expressed what Narconon can do and has done when he said:

“We are gathered to celebrate all the hard work every individual has done the past three decades to reach out for those in need. Before I got to Narconon, I was lost. I was not living, and I had no knowledge of the meaning of life. I had a hole inside and brought nothing but pain to myself, my family and my surroundings.

“One of the worst things about drugs is that in the end, you don’t really care. I didn’t care for anything. Slowly, you destroy everything in your path, maybe most of all yourself. When you lose control of yourself, you are standing on an edge ready to fall at any moment. And the fall would be fatal. You stand without purpose, with death as your destiny.

“Here at Narconon, we change our destiny. I am so grateful that I and so many others have been given an opportunity of a lifetime. I had no hope in life. I came here as a damaged soul. But this program has given me life. It has given me love, it has given me hope and the ability to change my path and take my life back in hand.

“I have my family now, which I love above all back in my life. I have put them through so much hurt and misery, and I thank them for always standing by, always believing when there seemed to be nothing to believe in. What this program does is helps you overcome the past, to actually live in the present and to conquer anything in the future.

“The staff at Narconon give their lives to save others. They put an effort in from the bottom of their heart and that’s why we stand here when 30 years have gone by and they still remain, still rescue people from the darkest places in life. They show that in darkness there is a light - a light so strong that it will win if you let it.

“It is never too late. With will, we can change our fate. What we do today is what matters, and our actions will define us. We can write our own history. Narconon exists for others’ existence and they give us the possibilities to live life to the fullest.

“There are so many different people here united for the same reasons and for the same goals. I thank all the students for the connections we’ve made. I thank the staff for all they have done for all of us. All of you are amazing people with wide open hearts. Thank you for letting me know you all. And I want to congratulate Narconon - its 30 years as an organization - dedicated to help others. And I wish them greatness and success for many years to come. I will never forget Narconon and what they have done. Thank you.”

A soul saved from the devastation of drug abuse and addiction. It is a moving testimony to the success of the Narconon program.