Letter of Recognition: Most Effective Rehab

LOR Most Effective Drug Rehab Program LOR Most Effective Drug Rehab Program PG 2


15 July 1980

Bureau Chief
Jan Ording
Socialsty Relsen
Stockholm, Sweden

Dear Sir:

It has come to my attention that there exists some question as to the effectiveness of the drug-free program known as Narconon in Sweden.

Although a full time computer professional, I have had extensive experience working closely with drug addicts on a volunteer basis over the past several years.

I have seen addicts down and out while on rehabilitation programs which used some substitute drug (e.g. methadone)… in fact, I recall more than one addict telling me that methadone was more of a dead end street than was heroin.

Addicts I have worked with who were fortunate to be involved with drug-free programs without benefit of a proven technology, were mostly withdrawn and seemed to shrink back into themselves… a condition I found directly attributable to various forms of what is called “attack therapy” or “group sessions”.

Over time, I found that none of these approaches ever did really and fully rehabilitate any addict much less return to him his self-respect or determinism to then lead a clean and happy life.

Some years ago, I heard about the Narconon program and discovered it had an unusually high success rate even with the most hard addicts.

Upon further investigation, I realized that this was due solely to the effectiveness of the drug-free rehabilitation approach and one-to-one counselling which was developed for Narconon by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard in 1966.

I studied the approach which Narconon takes with the addict and I also became familiar with the techniques it uses; i.e. vitamin and mineral therapy, correct and thorough physical check-ups by competent medical doctors, etc. Narconon even offers the addict (often poorly educated) a course in how to study so that he may become properly employed following rehabilitation.

Narconon is the most effective and drug-free addict rehabilitation program in existence today and a most valuable asset to our society.

I speak with much experience which began at home where my father was both a user and pusher, and an older brother who also became a user and who tried unsuccessfully to kick the habit.

I strongly urge you to consider the very simple truth of Narconon: it is effective and its staff is concerned and caring. It’s a tough job and takes a dedicated crew to keep the show on the road. Narconon is doing exactly that.

You may feel free to contact me for additional information.


Daniel Barber